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[VOTE] What's the most popular color in TF2?
So what's your favorite TF2's item/paint colors? The vote will be categorized into Single colors and Team colors. I'm going to count every single post and the description will be updated constantly. Oh and you can only pick one from each category so we can see which color is the most popular one. Don't forget to tell me the reason why you choose that colors so we can have something to talk about and keep the thread alive.

Here's the reference :

Single colors :

A Color Similar to Slate : -
A Deep Commitment to Purple : III
A Distinctive Lack of Hue : IIII IIII
A Mann's Mint : -
After Eight : I
Aged Moustache Grey : -
An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge : III
Australium Gold : IIII IIII
Color No. 216-190-216 : -
Dark Salmon Injustice : II
Drably Olive : -
Indubitably Green : II
Mann Co. Orange : III
Muskelmannbraun : -
Noble Hatter's Violet : II
Peculiarly Drab Tincture : -
Pink as Hell : IIII IIII
Radigan Conagher Brown : II
The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime : IIII I
The Color of a Gentlemann's Business Pants : -
Ye Olde Rustic Colour : II
Zepheniah's Greed : III

Team colors :

An Air of Debonair : I
Balaclavas Are Forever : IIII I
Cream Spirit : III
Operator's Overalls : -
The Value of Teamwork : II
Waterlogged Lab Coat : I

Single colors current winner : Australium Gold
Team colors current winner : Team Spirit
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Team Fortress 2 > Algemene discussies > Details van topic
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