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Malik Blishtar (Banned) Jun 17 @ 11:55am 
for one, fortified compound isn't even close to being able to afford premium gift, two, trade forum
Malik Blishtar (Banned) Jun 17 @ 12:01pm 
yes, we get it, you need a premium gift, but the bow is worth less than 1/20 of the premium gift, AND this is not the trade forums and can result in a ban
cr1tical (Banned) Jun 17 @ 12:03pm 
Good luck getting premium gift by selling that.
Malik Blishtar (Banned) Jun 17 @ 12:06pm 
are you stupid? XD this is NOT the trade forum. So go onto the trade forum.
cr1tical (Banned) Jun 17 @ 12:06pm 

3/10. Atleast you tried.
KevinWongyWongy Jun 17 @ 12:07pm 
Originally posted by mortein98:
....-.- its TRADE forum an i want to TRADE with te bow ...... and also want to buy a premium gift from one people who wrtie messange for me...
Check you are in the trade subforum. Does it have a PINNED thread about the TRADING SUBFORUM? Does it have people talking about TRADES?
Also, Compound ain't worth Premium.
cr1tical (Banned) Jun 17 @ 12:09pm 
Originally posted by mortein98:
ahh its bad forum.. okay :D

It's you who's bad. Don't blame on us.
Malik Blishtar (Banned) Jun 17 @ 12:10pm 
not bad forum, but wrong forum
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