Team Fortress 2
Proper End of the line and Moonbase update exmplanation.
EotL and Moonbase are seperate updates.

Moonbase might not be the actual name of the update but it's called like that because that was the first large thing shown, other than the engineer with the new sitting taunt which also includes beer and an umbrella. Sounds like a good summer taunt which can also be used any other time.

End of the line does not mean it's the last bloody update. It's the video's name which includes trains.

Eotl will have weapon(s) released if one of them actually survives the testing.

Moonbase (or a seperate secret update) is 'the next upcoming update', which means it's going to be released this year, even if it's valve time. There is no info on Eotl however about when it will be released.

And the last, Tf2 has always had problems with servers, items, matchmaking and so on..
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