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MiNaFi Jul 16, 2014 @ 8:19pm
Reasons to Love/Hate Engineer
I'm trying to compile a list of reasons to love and/or hate every tf2 class and I could use your help! You can give as many points as you like on any side of the spectrum, however please precede them with either + or - for love and hate respectively, so it is easier to organize. It can deal with his gameplay, personality, looks or anything as long as it can easily relate to Engineer.

For example:
+If sentries are placed in the right locations, you can build an impenetrable nest of destruction!
+Rancho Relaxo taunt
+He's got a hella cool robo hand
+/- Mini Sentries
-Gameplay is kinda passive, you have to wait for the action to come to you
-Personality's pretty meh...

Thanks in advance!

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Deff Bread (Banned) Jul 16, 2014 @ 8:23pm 
Cokefish (crosby) Jul 16, 2014 @ 8:27pm 
+He's from Texas
+Haxvision goggles
-He's bald
Sir Zorba Jul 16, 2014 @ 9:30pm 
Love: Rancho Relaxo

Hate: Excessive use of Rancho Relaxo
+ Good beginner class
+ One of the better classes in MvM
+ Dat wrench taunt laugh
+ Good support class
+ Sentries♥♥♥♥♥♥scouts

- Boring class
- Slows down the game a lot
- Multiple engies can lock down bases and make it impossible to get in
- Engy's weapons are the worst balanced in the game, many unlocks are gimmicky/annoying/OP
- Wrangler (OP)
- Short Circuit (annoying, was even more so at the time of it's buff)
- Gunslinger (annoying)
- Pomson (OP)
- In game quotes don't show his intelligence
Smashing spy skulls in with stock wrench.
Sentry jumping with wrangler.
Wrangler itself.
Sentry itself.
Killing soldiers and demomen with my shotgun.
Being a major credit to team.

Spies who forget how to backstab and only spam sappers.
Demomen who forget how to use the grenade launcher.
Teams who forget that sentry guns are NOT invulnerable and don't help defend the point.
Alot of other things.
Originally posted by Cokefish:
+He's from Texas
+Haxvision goggles
-He's bald
big country
Confused Rock (Banned) Jul 20, 2014 @ 6:38pm 
gunslinger. worst class.
Muromasa Jul 20, 2014 @ 6:53pm 
+/- Mini-sentries. They are pain to deal with when they show up everywheres, but they are effective when used, and helpful when on your side. :)
+ Dispensers, Sentry Guns, Teleporters, all helpful, and good.
+ Class to stick back at your buildings and let your team do the work.. Except when you have to deal with spies. XD
- One of the reasons why I stopped playing mvm with random people, they are way too many enies whom built at the planting zone.
+ Massive help, when played correctly in mvm.
+ Fun to play a different class from my usual classes
+ Fun to be sneaky, and build behind enemy lines, XD
+ Makes large servers challenging to win
- Spawn camping enies
Littlefoot Jul 21, 2014 @ 12:45am 
+Gunslinger, as it offers a different, funn way to play Engie
+His quotes are very funny
+He has nice hats (like the Texas Ten Gallon)
-The bane of Scout and Pyro players
-Becomes somewhat OP with the Wrangler
+funny and memorable quotes.
+cool hat.
+nice taunt.
+OP (in some map. mostly useless)

-he doesn't have hair.
-worst spy enemies when 1 vs 1. let you sap mini sentry then use frontier justice. WORST nightmare.
also , southern hospitality
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Originally posted by Unholyscribbles:
Spies who forget how to backstab and only spam sappers.
Demomen who forget how to use the grenade launcher.

I don't see the problems here with people who do that. That's a perfectly acceptable way with dealing with nests.
Talon Company Jul 21, 2014 @ 1:35am 
+Makin bacon
- I know I'm probably alone here, but I think his most of his hat arent that good, good msc, but I prefer the default construction hat.
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