Doctor Whom? Sep 1 @ 6:36pm
EA buys out Valve.
Valve has been bought out by EA, they make several changes to TF2
-Premium now costs $15 a month
-F2Ps can only play Control Points and Capture the Flag
-Once your subscription runs out you become Prefered Status, which has some of the benifits of premium.
-Two types of currencies are added, dollars and Mann Monney. Dollars are gotten from beating matches and can buy weapons only, Mann Monney is now used on the Mann Co Store for everything but weapons.
-F2Ps can only play 3 matches of MVM a week, but can buy a weekly pass with Mann Monney.
-Added the Perk System. Lets you buy special abilities for your weapons and yourself (+15% speed, +20 health, etc)
-removed random crits
How does the community react?
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nobody important Sep 1 @ 6:37pm 
f2ps start crying
Dr. Zipper Yoshi Sep 1 @ 6:37pm 
shet shet shet shet shet shet shet

My tea has been spilled.
Exanthos Sep 1 @ 6:37pm 

Unless...People who bought the game before the F2P stuff came, then maybe.
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Paper and Envelope makers will get alot of money due to many angry players sending death threats
At best people would stop playing. At worst people would firebomb EA's headquarters.
Datlossit [R.I.P GL] Sep 1 @ 6:41pm 
Everyone would quit TF2 instantly. No way someone wants to put up with that type of ♥♥♥♥.
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ianj633 (Banned) Sep 1 @ 6:41pm 
my god this is atroicty why why why why we have to stop this some of these are good but why do this to the f2p's if it aint broke don't take a dump on it
Doctor Whom? Sep 1 @ 6:41pm 
Originally posted by Datlossit:
Everyone would quit TF2 instantly. No way someone wants to put up with that type of ♥♥♥♥.
Look at Star Wars the Old Republic. They've done all of this stuff to it
Baseball Bibbins Sep 1 @ 6:41pm 
Here's the comunity's reaction.
[Industrial] humblebumbled (Banned) Sep 1 @ 6:43pm 
its not to ♥♥♥♥ EA about it, blame Valve for selling their godlike sexy company to abunch of ♥♥♥♥ bags
Sugar Candy Sep 1 @ 6:44pm 
Everyone would leave
Originally posted by King Tiger Operator:
Everyone would leave
I won't.
ianj633 (Banned) Sep 1 @ 6:45pm 
The French Connection Sep 1 @ 6:46pm 
damn I just start to play... -_-
Originally posted by ianj633: false alram
Ho thx
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