Team Fortress 2
Alanis Tharon (Banned) Aug 24, 2014 @ 3:43pm
Team Stacking
Lately, I've been playing some pubs on various game modes, and it absolutelty infurates me how many times I've been outmatched by a seemingly infinetely more skilled team than mine. Sure, the 2-loss auto scramble seems like a good idea to stir things up a little, but even then, it's not fully enough.
I think there should be a ranking system implemented in this game. Sure that sounds like it would detract from the non-competetive audience of the game, but with a player ranking system similar to games like Mario Kart and even Street Fighter, there's more of a chance for you to be matched into a game with people who are more inclined to capture points rather than conga in spawn.
Keep replies clean, I want this as professional as possible.
And for God's sake, stop sending me trade offers. I'm not selling my Aussie for a scrap.
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Broldier Aug 24, 2014 @ 3:53pm 
skreblorde get good, if you don't get good then get good
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Ace42 Aug 24, 2014 @ 3:55pm 
Stacking happens because no-one wants to carry bads. Just so long as people refuse to contribute, stack Sniper and Spies when the team already has some, derping around, afking in spawn, etc - they're going to drive competent players onto the other team or failing that onto other servers.

No amount of scrambling will fix that; and match-making won't stop people creating free accounts to smurf the complacent bads - but it will make it harder to drop into the game.

Also, 24-man servers mean that's a lot more people to match-make.

Really, the way to avoid stacking is to kick the dead weight and concentrate on being credit to team instead of a handicap.
There's a ton of resources available to teach bads how to play, their refusal to L2P is down to stubborn ignorance - nothing more.
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