the classic is clearly overpowered and needs a rework
i know what you're thinking, yes, maybe the classic is not good in your hands - however, i must say, that if you are a pro at aiming with hitscan (i learned from my hours as soldier when i used only the shotgun, the RL is for noobs who rely on blast damage) - that if you can aim, it sure packs a punch

once i was fighting a heavy medic combo as sniper with the classic and i fired an explosive round at the heavy, it pierced through his body for a 175 damage shot (finishing him off as he was damaged) and headshotting the medic behind him.

i believe that the problem is not the classic itself, but the users who simply cannot aim with it

i am happy to answer any of your most likely incorrect classic related queries

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Swegkart64 (Banned) Aug 24 @ 9:15am 
+1, op is credible in his intelligence and makes good points backed up by solid statistics
Dank maymays Aug 24 @ 9:16am 
The classic confirmed as the MW2 intervention with stopping power on it.
Dank maymays Aug 24 @ 9:18am 
one problem i found with this, the classic does more than 175 damage on fully charged bodyshot due to its hidden stat of +50% damage on bodyshot when fully charged
Dank maymays Aug 24 @ 9:18am 
it in fact does 360 damage on fully charged bodyshot, just tested it
Originally posted by An actual koala↬bR:
it in fact does 360 damage on fully charged bodyshot, just tested it

sorry i used tf2outpost to check my damage, i should've used the wiki
+2 as i feel +1 is not enough for a meta post such as this
Originally posted by LSCFenragus -Manniac-:

overpay in plusies
Unusual Burning KE Overpay
UltraDD Aug 24 @ 9:28am 
Are you sure you wasn't using machina?lol
Head Researcher Dr. Iceberg Aug 24 @ 9:29am 
I do not play Soldier. But the Rocket Launcher is a great weapon. It allows mobility and can be used to take out buildings at long range. The shotgun it is a good weapon. But you could not use it at long range like your rocket laucher can.
HK-98 Aug 24 @ 9:32am 
could you not ♥♥♥♥♥ about weapons being too powerful? yeah thanks :D
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