Team Fortress 2
Pvt. Prinny Aug 2, 2014 @ 9:51pm
Camping enemy intel, your best moments.
If you have not tried this yet i implore you to do it, You just go engineer head on down to the enemy intel on a pub server and start setting up like nothing's different.
This thread is for discussing this strategy and to find some of the best moments people have had doing this.
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well i was a lone engy destroyed or decimated half the other team before other people turned engy and helped, yup just me my mini sentry and frontier justice, even got a medic heavy combo. it was awesome.
also got 10 heads as a demoknight as well most a dumb spy with a DR
The first time i played this on the Xbox 360 Orange Box, I used to do this all the time in 2Fort. Once, I had a red Spy disguised as a blue medic walk out into the room, and I guess he didn't notice the fact I was on the opposite team, because he removed his disguise. XD

He looked at me for a minute before my fully-upgraded turret showed him the door.
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DedXenon Aug 2, 2014 @ 10:04pm 
Camping the enemy intel on 2fort is easily the most effective way to secure a round win. The old Eureka Effect used to excel at it too.

Oh look, another use the Eureka Effect had before Valve murdered it. How nice.

Anyway, I managed to set up a dispenser and a sentry without anyone catching me. Another engie also happened to join in with a functional teleporter. The rest of the round they focused on trying to get us out.
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does capturing count, if so a sticky jumper demo man and medic with overdose...or a rocket jumping soldier works too
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