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Haze Games  [developer] Jan 10 @ 5:48am
[Read Me] How to Submit a Bug
Thank you for reading this before sending an email or posting a bug report here.

You can freely create a new topic in this forum root in order to communicate with me any bug you might encouter.

If the issue is level-design related but not a bug, like a room being too hard or an element which cannot be understood easily enough, please post it in the Feedback & Suggestions forum instead.

Also, please read the Pre-Alpha Testing Guide to know more about the Debug Mode if you haven't used it yet!

  • If you can clearly describe the encountered issue, it's good!
  • Please provide us with your PC configuration: Operating System, Processor and Graphics Card is enough
  • Please include the Version Number of the build in which the bug occured. It is visible at the top of the Main Menu or Pause Menu
  • Optional: If you can provide a screenshot or video capture, it's even better!

If you prefer, you can directly contact me by email at:

Thank you very much for your help and support for Fractal Space!
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Fractal Space > Bugs > Topic Details