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Les  [developer] Sep 7 @ 5:28am
Hi all,

In this review, there is an interesting idea with gradual move option:

I will copy & paste the important bits, as we might be on something interesting:
  • Units can not walk around a corner, which is annoying. Instead of just the initial walking circle, the actual distance walked should be counted. At the very least, units should be able to walk as often as they want until their range is "used up" or they did some action.

  • But how would you implement shield walls then? I mean the scenario, where unit just goes around your shield wall and stabs your ranged in the back.

  • That is what usually zones of control are used for in one form or another. As soon as a unit is in another's zone of control, "something bad" happens when they try to move out. Attacks of opportunity (like in DnD, Pillars of Eternity, etc.) are probably the most common.

  • That would even allow some additional skills of certain units to have "something extra bad" happen when moving away.

  • Another, maybe easier to balance, idea would be to generally allow such free movement with a usable distance, but when moving away from an enemy that is in melee range, only one movement is allowed (as it is currently).

  • Zone controls is a difficult concept in grid-less environment. Opportunity attacks are doable. However, it sill doesn't solve fast unit moving around your shield wall.

This is something I am scratching my head for a long time, so maybe more brains will do better :-)

Any ideas are really welcome.

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I think it is okay if fast moving units can move around a shield wall eventually (with some kind of zone of control implemented).

After all, that is pretty much the purpose of fast-moving units.

Right now, some of the fastest are relatively bad since they have little HP and not really much to make up for it (like harpies).
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Les  [developer] Sep 7 @ 7:29am 
How about, instead of giving units speed, give them moving uniformed segments?

For example, footman and most of the units, will move only 2 segments, slow unit will move a single segment, while knight could move 3 (or maybe 4) segments?

As zone of control we could have use melee range and make sure the move ends if unit enters there

I am just trying to imagine how would that work.
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zakblood Sep 7 @ 12:26pm 
"For example, footman and most of the units, will move only 2 segments, slow unit will move a single segment, while knight could move 3 (or maybe 4) segments?" would be worth a test to see how it pans out, but on hols for 2 weeks so a no go atm for me, back the 23rd etc so more time to think and plan :)
Les  [developer] Sep 7 @ 12:33pm 
Oh, it's not for now.

Now I have angry supervisor which asks what the heck was I doing for the last couple of months instead of writing my dissertation :-D
How about updating the movement range circle as the player moves his unit around?
The circle would get smaller as you move and yet you can still prepare your movement and stop midway if required for x reason).

That leads to Zone of Control:

How about granting that as a passive for any melee unit having a regular size or bigger (keeping range/caster/small creatures like they are right now)?

Flying creatures should benefit from those rules as well (ignoring ZoC seems ok).

That ZoC should obviously be seen easily (toggle perhaps?) around all units at once. The area covered by the ZoC could also be modified by skills/weapons/traits...
Some serious food for Movement and ZoC skills and perks^^

All this stuff might require a beta branch on one of the games at least, to keep a stable and balance game while doing testing.
Would gladely help testing if the time comes.
Les  [developer] Sep 17 @ 12:14am 
Hey, it's something to play with definitely :-)

It's on TO-DO list, just cannot give any timeline
Les  [developer] Sep 28 @ 3:26am 
Hey, I have tuned geometry a lot recently - units can squeeze between allies, can go around corners better etc. I think it's working much better now - maybe segmented move is not needed anymore?

Opportunity attacks are in development.
"Skulls of the Shogun" uses a system where as you move your remaining range shrinks such as willsama974 suggested. "Valkyria Chronicles" has a similar idea as well.

From memory in AoF2 the gap between units had to be large enough to fit your unit, which was difficult to judge. It seems better in AoF3. I personally like the straight line movement because you have to carefully plan your positioning, though it takes a bit of getting used to.
Les  [developer] Oct 2 @ 1:07am 
All games were updated to have better geometry :-)

On practical note - there is support already on segmented move in Time Shift spell, but AI would need to refactored a lot to take advantage of that.

It's something I plan to tackle at some stage, just don't know when.
I can really feel the change (for AoF1n2) for the movement ability to "turn corners" and the space of each unit feel more accurate!
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