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Metro 2033 - Osiągnięcia
by couldwatty
Poradnik do osiągnięć w grze Metro 2033. Po polsku. Jeśli zauważyłeś jakiś błąd, brak czegoś, albo masz screena, lub film, który można umieścić w tym poradniku napisz. Jeśli chcesz mi podziękować, możesz [url=
Получение достижений Last Man Standing и Survivor без перепрохождения
by Lupercal
Все достижения в Метро 2033
by i[P*D]ProOldRaven
Гайд по получению всех без исключения ачивментов в игре....
Metro 2033 Complete Walkthrough
by Mathroy
If you are stuck somewhere ingame, don't know where to go or what to do, this guide is a complete walkthrough, here to help you. If you don't want to be spoiled, then don't watch. [url=
Metro 2033 достижение невидимка
by Jay™
Это достижение наилегчайшее просто следуйте видео...
Metro 2033 Weapons Guide
by Slim Cognito
Metro 2033 Weapons Guide Hello, and welcome to my guide on the weapons of the game ''Metro 2033'' I'll be explaining the important stuff related to the weapons and giving my opinion on the use of some weapons and their other abitities they...
Получение ачивки "Шерлок"
by SeregaKZ_93
Получаем ачивку "Шерлок" посредством повторения операций из представленного видео....
Получение разных концовок
by Ivpas
Я не нашёл в списке руководств толковый гайд по концовкам, поэтому решил закинуть перевод с вики от пользователя dobr с сайта Game...
A Guide to Mask Filters
by ShaggyDawg
Confused by the somewhat ambiguous nature of mask filters? This guide will concisely explain all you need to know....
Sherlock Achievement Guide
by Scientist
This guide shows the locations of the gold ammo hidden in the various stations you visit in Metro 2033 for the Sherlock achievement....
Ranger Achievement Guide
by Scientist
This is a guide to finding the hidden ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2....
Metro 2033 Moral Points Guide
by Fritz Derochebrune
A guide on how to earn moral points to get the 'good' ending....
How to get a free FPS boost
by ChaosBahamut
Okay, so you have a pretty beefy rig and for some reason you're having framerate issues with Metro 2033. Instead of dealing with it or lowering settings I can show you how to drastically increase your framerate for free. *tested personally*...
Достижения Метро 2033
by Goodbye, Travelers!
How to deal with librarians like a Sir
by mychaelo
Some suggest using arrows, other resort to shock therapy and knives. But there is a polite way....
Free Helsing Secret in Dead City 1
by Joh
A video guide to show how to get the Helsing stealth crossbow weapon for free in the Dead City 1 level. This is the best stealth weapon in the game and this is the earliest point in the game in which you can aquire this weapon....
FAQ: How Gas Mask Filters Work
by Proph
This FAQ will explain in detail how gas mask filters work, specifically focused on useful information for new and experienced players alike. After reading this guide you will have a clear understanding of how to read the timers, why you can/can't pick up ...
Достижение Weaponsmith
by Rugged Jollier
Видео руководство по получению достижения Weaponsmith. Условия получения - убить по одному врагу из каждого оружия в игре....
Metro 2033 - Sherlock Achievement Guide (ENG/PL)
by *Wujo Kosiator™
So now I made a Sherlock Achievement Guide for you. Hope you enjoy :) No więc zrobiłem poradnik o Osiągnięciu Sherlocka dla ciebie. Mam nadzieję że ci się spodoba :)...
A guide to get a bunch more military grade ammo (must do this on Armory stage)
by Leo
Гид по получению хорошей концовки
by Helleve ссылка на оригинал...
Получение ачивки "Сталкер"
by SeregaKZ_93
Предлагаю вашему вниманию видео инструкцию по получению достижения "Сталкер". Видео не моё, взято с ютубов....
Surviving and Thriving in the Metro: A Guide to Ranger Easy & Hardcore Difficulties [UPDATE 12-15-2013]
by Subtle Insanity
A guide to survival in the Metro subways and the intense wilderness of Post-Apocalyptic Moscow...
by MrHumberto699
He ido recopilando algo de información por internet, y además sabiendo que esta es la única guia en Steam sobre METRO 2033 en Español creo que me ha quedado bastante completita....
Metro 2033: Increasing FOV Guide
by RichardV
A quick and easy guide to increasing the FOV in Metro 2033....
How to survive Ranger Hardcore
Tips on how to beat Ranger Hardcore....
Metro 2033-Guía 100%/Walkthrough-Sherlock/Comandos/Explorador-Mode Ranger Hardcore Español LIVE 2.0
by sergiosc
Descripción de Metro 2033: Situado en el desolado suburbano de la post-apocalíptica ciudad de Moscú, Metro 2033 es una intensa historia de supervivencia en la cual el destino de la humanidad estará en tus manos. En el año 2013 el mundo fue deva...
Ranger Hardcore Mode = Cheese Easy Mode
by HaHAhaHahaHAHA
Completing Ranger Hardcore mode with ease and cheese....
Metro 2033 - All In One
by Plasma SKX
Like i said in the starting video i will not do these Achievements Metro dweller. A true metro citizen. You know everyone and have seen everything. "This just means you have to listen to everybody talk" Explorer There is no place in metro you did...
Killing Demons
by ben Kerim
I will intorduce you the basics and easy ways of killing Demons. Demons are not must-kills but you may have a fantasy about them or you are very angry and want to show no one can fuck with you! As your companion Bourbon said: "Some people call thes...
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