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nab_slew_wm 2013年4月11日上午6:40
Graphics card advice, low spec machine
Hi, Im having difficulty playing a lot of games, even on medium spec really. I dont want nothing high end, just average/playable. I have a pretty lousy set up PC: core 2 duo 2.9ghz, 2gb ram, 500HDD, 305W PSU and a gt520 gfx card. So yeah, I just want some average graphics, nothing high end that will run on my current setup without blowing anything. I will upgrade PSU etc in future when I have the money, but can anyone reccomend maybe a gfx card, that will improve things for me for about £50? Thanks
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ertesda 2013年4月11日上午6:42 
I think that more people are going to answer to you,when you ask in a more visited place.
But I am not having any knowledge about desktop-computers at all-I can´t help,sorry. :(
FreeToaster 2013年4月11日上午8:13 
I'm not sure exactly how much that is, I used a currency converter but it only came out to around $65 USD, If thats accurate youll want to simply hold off for a while and save more money as your current card generally goes for only $20 cheaper you wont be able to really get a signifigant boost. Your PSU wich i assume is a typo and you meant 350W, may also need to be upgraded along side the GPU if you want something with more power.

When it comes to PC components its always a good idea to pay extra and get a quality part that will last you. I'm not sure how limited your budget is, unless you use Ebay to find a great deal on a used video card you wont be seeing much of a performance boost at all and be wasting that $65.

I cant speak for AMD cards but when buying Nvidia GPU's Stay away from anything under the GT/GTX x50 line, The second number in the name is the better indicator of performance than the first as the first number is simply the generation or series number if you want. So your current card is a 500 series card, wich isnt too old, but the fact that its a 520 puts its performance way behind. a 400 series 430 card would actually perform better in most cases.

so to summarize, if that is indeed $65 its better to just save the money for now otherwise youll pretty much be wasting it.

DIABOLICI 2013年4月11日下午3:29 
GeForce GT 630. (Palit GeForce GT 630 810Mhz PCI-E 2.0 1024Mb 3200Mhz)
I had a similar configuration of the computer, but the video card gtx260 zotac. the game was pretty good.
AMD should not take into account at all, especially for this game. and is likely to require this upgrade the power supply, but not the fact.
Rockhead Gaz 2013年4月12日上午6:17 
AMD should not take into account at all

RNGesus 2013年4月12日下午6:29 
I used to run a 5670 on a 300w stock PSU, granted it burned out after a year but it probably wasn't the cards fault. The 5670 (if you can find one), and 6670 and decent enough mid range cards that you can use.
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notrol 2013年4月13日上午6:53 
I have laptop, with HD 4650 mobility on a dual core amd cpu, and it runs quite well on lowest settings. You should not have any problems playing the game at lower settings.
DIABOLICI 2013年4月14日上午3:40 
引用自 Rockhead Gaz
AMD should not take into account at all


about metro2033 so. the game features full support for all Nvidia and AMD's owners are having problems.
One-Handed-Bean 2013年4月14日上午11:27 
引用自 Rockhead Gaz


about metro2033 so. the game features full support for all Nvidia and AMD's owners are having problems.

I understand that english may not be your strongest language, and that is ok, but this statement is simply wrong....

what you should have said was:
Metro was "optimized* for Nvidia- physx and so on...

but this does not mean that it supports any nvidia card, or that it doesnt support AMD cards D:

many games are "optimized" with a certain company, for a small investment :D
all to feed kid's fanboyism....
the truth is with a little tweaking most comparable tier nvidia and amd cards perform similarly,

also... nvidia's physx can be run on AMD with a little tweaking, and vice versa with amds supermsaa thing. ( i forget the name)
DIABOLICI 2013年4月14日下午12:37 
be that as it may, the game mostly complaints from the owners of AMD graphics cards
David 2013年4月15日上午8:43 
You should also upgrade your RAM to like 8GB if you want it to run better too.
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