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MiddleFinger77 Jun 17 @ 12:54pm
Metro 2033 crashing upon start-up.Gtx 580
I have no clue what this could be, The game woked perfectly before now all of a sudden when I launch the game it Crashes and changes my Resolution to something like 800x600.Anyone else having these problems? Thank you.
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Froxen Jun 17 @ 11:18pm 
Has Nvidia released any updates to the driver set or any type of update in general that you would know of, or have you manually updated your drivers?
(Sorry, AMD guy right here.)
sjpscooter1 Jun 18 @ 8:54am 
I just bought this game and the first time it crashed and changed my resolution on my monitor, giving me a "input signal out of range change to 1920x1080-60hz" error. there isn't a way I can change the setting for some reason. I hook the monitor up to another computer and it works. but I try to hook it back up to mine and I get the same error. but yet I hook up another monitor of the same size and resolution and it works fine on my computer. I'm lost. I have no clue what to do, and I'm not sure if I want to try to play the game again :-/
MiddleFinger77 Jun 18 @ 1:14pm 
I have no clue mine worked just fine until i did a winodows re-format thats when the trouble started.I think I might of seen in another post its something to do with Phys-x but iam not positive!......I have the Hard copy of Metro 2033 and Digital download as well Neither one will work and both crash upon starting the game WTF?!
MiddleFinger77 Jun 18 @ 1:16pm 
Sorry yes I have the Latest Nvidia drivers,everything is up to date! This has something to do with the Devoloper I think I read 4-A.
MiddleFinger77 Jun 18 @ 1:39pm 
Ok I have A fix for this I just got my game to run! You need these 3 files- 1) Phys X Cooking.dll........... 2). Phys X core.dll.................3) Phys X Loader.dll.............. If you have Metro last light these 3 files will be in the game just take them out from last light and put them into Metro 2033 and the game will launch Normally! Then you can always re-download last light if the files are missing from that game.Last light did not launch after I took those 3 files out but Metro 2033 now works perfectly..........Iam downloading Last light again now but thats the fix guys! Enjoy.
The Evil Lord Kun Jun 18 @ 4:58pm 
You can uninstall current PhysX, then let the game install the ones thtat he has, this worked for me, afther the game started I re installed the new PhysX back
MiddleFinger77 Jun 19 @ 5:33am 
Well I just grabbed those 3 files and it worked fine, then i re-downloaded last light again beacuse the 3 files were obviously missing since i took em out! Both games work like a charm now but I cant help but wonder what the hell happend to them in the first place lol! They forget to include them or something? And yet another thing i noticed that I havent before-I now hear Last light sounds in Metro 2033! I never noticed this before!
The Evil Lord Kun Jun 19 @ 5:35am 
Well the game in retail form installs them ther, the steam version does not need them,as I soo in my install folder.Can wait for 2033 in redux form same for last light
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MiddleFinger77 Jun 19 @ 9:09am 
2033 Redux schould be good, but last light schould be exactly the same so not much to see there!.......Any word on exact release date for Redux? It just says summer thats all.
The Evil Lord Kun Jun 19 @ 9:32am 
Only soon:))),btw in metro 2033 redux you have some areas that where not accessable+the game mechanics from last light.As for last light not a clue whats new exept the mods in which you can play the game + some features.I really didn't see any gamepley in metro last light redux
MiddleFinger77 Jun 19 @ 9:55am 
I havent seen either other then what they have on Steam, schould be interesting nonetheless.I also wonder if they are planning another Metro soon hopefully?!
The Evil Lord Kun Jun 19 @ 10:25am 
That guy said something like I can't tell you more about a new metro game,btw the metro 2035 book it will be released later this year
MiddleFinger77 Jun 19 @ 11:58am 
It will probbly be called Metro 2035 iam guessing/! Besides with Deep silver now backing them iam pretty sure well see a new one real soon, hopefully soon!
The Evil Lord Kun Jun 24 @ 11:29am 
Release date for metro redux August 26 in North America, August 29 rest of the world:)
MiddleFinger77 Jun 24 @ 11:33am 
Sweet! Thanks for the info bro.
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