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Nexures Jun 14 @ 8:08pm
Which is better ? AAA or msaa x4?
im trying to configure this terribly optimized game, and i dont know which one i should chose... I already get 60+ fps because i set the options to high, instead of very high (BARELY ANY difference in graphics, but adds 40 fps)
if only there was a better way to configure this game...
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Jig McGalliger Jun 14 @ 11:47pm 
AAA is a 4A proprietary AA method that is very lean. MSAA is more computationally costly, though looks better. AA methods get rid of jaggies, the space between pixels that can be seen by the naked eye or moving and/or diagonal/angles vertices.
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Nexures Jun 15 @ 5:35am 
love this guy. sounds like a weirdo but the vids are good for pc newbies. And i sort of knew what they are, but i didnt know the difference between them in this game and which is betetr ;d and this still sort of doesnt answer my question, although i appreciate it greatly
murd6r Jun 18 @ 11:14am 
for metro 2033 i use nvidia fxaa it works very well. in some games fxaa can suck but for metro it is great. avoid the ingame msaa and just use fxaa, not sure if you have nvidia or amd. but i can tell you that msaa uses more vram then fxaa, causes more heat on the gpu then fxaa, and costs more fps to run compared to fxaa. for me, fxaa is all i ever use for metro 2033, last light has its own AA inbuilt so i just go with that and its great. and yeah avoid very high preset cause not even 2 titans can hold 60fps with very high, its stuffed.
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Nexures Jun 18 @ 1:08pm 
yeah nvidia bro. ill got for fxaa then ;d
Nexures Jun 18 @ 1:15pm 
thanks so much for the info :)

thats what ive been saying. this game is terribly optimized
Jucemar Jun 19 @ 7:49pm 
Was looking for this response, thanks
DJ_life Jun 19 @ 10:36pm 
thanks for the info
kasali Jun 20 @ 2:57am 
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