ThaneCawdor 2013年1月10日上午7:54
Anyone fnd out where steam hides the soundtrack after you purchase it? With Civ they placed the extras in the same folder as the game, but i dont see it here.
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Hannibal's Leftovers 2013年1月10日下午5:19 
Wow.........I wondered who would actually buy that.

bigfleb 2013年1月11日上午3:48 
The files are in the Sword of the Stars II steam directory.
Princey 2013年1月11日上午10:25 
Does this soundtrack patch music into the existing game? because as far as I remember there isn´t an awful lot of music in it as it is. There´s the main menu theme and the same battle music for each battle. I´n quite intrigued..
bigfleb 2013年1月11日下午5:01 
Nothing added to game that I could see. What you get is a remastered version of the soundtrack, it's 21 mp3s in total.
[BS]NateDog 2013年1月16日上午9:14 
I have come here to say lOl that is all.
Commodore Dannerson 2013年1月16日上午10:56 
this is what youtube is for
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