Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

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Deathcoy Dec 17, 2012 @ 7:30pm
Suul'Ka Gods
So, has retrofitting Suul'Ka been implemented yet? I still get the CTD while trying to retrofit, just wondering if its me.

And another thing, Suul'Ka tentacles seem... bugged... It can hardly "touch" any ship. The beam tentacles are easier to use though, provided i use "Crush" or "Hold". Pretty pointless to have 1 Hit kill weapons when i can hardly land a hit. I read before this is more like a hitbox bug or something. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Chris Dec 18, 2012 @ 10:26am 
Even worse, I always get a runtime error while inspecting the "ship", and in the fight, it did nearly nothing, it just floated around very slowly.
Deathcoy Dec 19, 2012 @ 12:30am 
Yea, im getting the same runtime error when trying to hover the cursor to inspect the Suulka.

About it floating doing nothing, its because the current equipped weapons have a very short range, if u hover cursor over the weapon icon, you will see that its range is roughly just covers the suulka, so you will need the enemy to be really really close to the suulka before it can auto attack. I feel this is bad design, the suulka is sooooo huge that its size outrange weapon range and enemies cant get into weapon's range. Maybe when retrofit comes it will be better but im doubtful cos mass drivers have one of the longest range among most weapons.

The Beam tentacles on other hand, have to manually "position" suulka before it can shoot, and its not easy lol. Also yea, it doesnt seem to have an "AI", like most of my ships will auto attack any nearby enemies, but the suulka wont unless i position it. Suulka is pretty much horrendously designed and programmed now.
Resok Dec 19, 2012 @ 1:09am 
Their main strength are their psionics. You can life drain and crush multiple ships to death during a fight while being essentially impervious with reflector. Not to mention control and teleport and all the other abilities...

Even when we can retrofit their modules - they'll most likely be very minor compared to the damage and chaos you can cause with their psionics.
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