Kinakin 2012年12月8日 9時00分
Do module stack?
Thinking especially about teh Sjet and the armor module that can have 2 of em. I know the reduction in crew requirements stack but does the increase in fire rate stack aswell?
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Postron 2012年12月16日 1時23分 
I think this depends on program mechanisms whether it adds a bonus or just unlocks a bonus
the easiest way to find out would be to take a slow firing weapon (missile 1shot/32s base) take a watch and try out how long it takes with one and with two in the weapon test mode
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Kinakin 2012年12月16日 9時29分 
they do seem to stack. atleast the reduction in crew requirements stack
Postron 2012年12月17日 5時52分 
i think you are right, just looked into the file :
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