ultimate_waffle 2012年12月5日 22時18分
Is there any way to turn down the graphics for this?
Everything runs so slowly for me. The main menu, the options screen, the game itself... But I can't find any options to make it less graphically intense. Is there any way I can make it faster?
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FireStorm20 2012年12月5日 22時20分 
When you launch the game shoudl be a starting screen with options.
ultimate_waffle 2012年12月5日 22時27分 
Thank you, it runs pretty good now.
ultimate_waffle 2012年12月5日 22時32分 
I have another question about all of the graphic options too. I've seen options like anti-aliasing, procedural planets, etc. in other games. Can I get a rundown on what all of the options do, please? I couldn't find the answer in Google.
FireStorm20 2012年12月5日 22時41分 
no idea here , i turn them off/on based on hunch lol
ultimate_waffle 2012年12月6日 0時59分 
All right, thank you for all of the help. :)
bigfleb 2012年12月6日 1時01分 
Anti aliasing removes the jagged edges of 3d objects by doing extra rendering on your graphics card, it can cause you big performance drops depending on your hardware.

Bloom adds the bright lighting effects, it's what makes the suns burn your eyeballs out in tactical :D. It shouldn't cause too big of a performance hit, except maybe on crappy onboard graphics.

Refraction is what gives the ships the cool glass windows, and gives the Liir the water domes on their ships and stations.

Focal Blur is a depth of field effect that makes objects further away from the camera look blurry and out of focus, personaly I think it's a little overdone and takes away from the graphics so I always turn it off.

Ambient Occlusion affects the way light reflects off surfaces, it makes dark things look darker and gives them depth, but it has a big impact on most graphics cards, except maybe newer high end cards.

Procedural Planets makes the planet textures look more randomised rather than all alike, it will use more graphics memory.

Decals are the markings on ships when they get hit by weapons fire. I don't think you can actually turn this off, as it just re enables itself when you deselect it.
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ultimate_waffle 2012年12月6日 1時36分 
Thank you, bigfleb. That's useful to know.
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