Talon Lasfaren Mar 31, 2013 @ 10:00pm
what just happend ???
ok...................so.....ive got a little swarm problem....im taking them out fine...ive got plenty of PD and im waisting every hive and queen i run into, with no losses as of yet , so maybe its not actualy a swarm problem...However....Twice while surveying ( whence i discovered said Hives and Queens ) once battle commenced naturaly i retreated , seeing as how i dont run Armor ships or any kind of defensive craft with my survey fleets.....The problem is....both times ( after they had retreated via the edge of the solar system ) my admirals just disappeard , also once when i was transfering one of them ( in a command cruiser ) to his new fleet....none of them retired ( yes i know about retirement ) and none of them died ( i check my events extensively ) .
All the ships made it back to port , or there final destination as per relocation..
The question is....where did they go ?.....and more importantly ...does that mean every time i retreat im by default losing the admiral of said fleet ?.....obviously the one durring relocation was a bugg of some sort....im more worried about the retreating ones...they werent important ( the ones i lost ) just pathfinders but some of my more , up and coming admirals shall we say.
I would hate to just loose them , especially my psi guy....if i prototype a whole fleet for him ...and build it....quite an investment ...
so is this an issue anyone knows about or does retreating have to do with loyalty or being captured or converted or something....like i said...i got all my ships back....and it dident say anything in the events .....i think they all had the commander ejector pod thing....I dont know if that means anything , but yeaah , there it is......So what just happend ???
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Talon Lasfaren Apr 1, 2013 @ 4:45am 
It happend again.....this time my admiral was in another system than his home system....the harpies or what ever there called ( the green blobs that fly around and speed into your planet ) attacked his system wiping out the colony as he was returning after a construction job.........so he continues returning to base ( which is now gone ) then waits there for a turn ( i couldent interact with him ).....then all the ships disperse to a nearby system....what the heck man ?
i think hes back on the admiral roster , tho i may be wrong....none of his skills were noteworthy other than architect....so it dosnt realy matter " this time " but still....what the heck ? is this an issue or what ? or is there a reason my admirals keep abandoning there fleets ( and the command craft along with them ) ???
Just seems weird.....dont you get court martialed for that or something ?
Talon Lasfaren Apr 1, 2013 @ 4:46am 
and they dident retire or get killed so dont say thats what it was.....i checked...otherwise i wouldent be sating anything.
[GGS]PureCruncher Apr 1, 2013 @ 8:53am 
You are not losing them. When you retreat the admiral is returned to the admiral panel as an unassigned captain. When you retreat the fleet is effectively dissolved. You can reselect him when you re-create the fleet. It confused me too don't panic.
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Talon Lasfaren Apr 1, 2013 @ 6:06pm 
oh ok cool.....so thats weird ...
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