Victoria II
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How to form more Union Nations for Dummies (NNM)
от [128th] Sigismund the Southerner
In this guide, we shall be moving away from the origional verson of Victoira 2 and into the world of mods and modifications. For this guide, all shall come from the New Nati...
How to form almost imposible nations for Dummies
от [128th] Sigismund the Southerner
In this guide, we will describe how to form what i call "man-mode" unification nations. From Romania to India and to even the Byzantine Empire, I'll be here to explain how you can form them all in 1 guide! So get your weapons ready, your brains on tight an...
Essays on a Russian-French Muiltiplayer game
от [128th] Sigismund the Southerner
In this story, told from the side point of Russia, I will be describing the interesting Franco-Russian alliance, the betrayed France, the era of rebellion and the great compermise. In the 2nd part, France (aka Dylan) will be descibing the game from his poi...
Дипломатия в Victoria II
от Bayara
Это руководство поможет Вам понять, что такое дипломатия. Здесь я расскажу о влиянии на страны, о сферах....
Divided We Stand Mod Countries
от Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca
This Guide Pertains to the countries to the nations in the Divided We Stand Mod in Victoria II....
How to form Arabia for dummies
от [128th] Sigismund the Southerner
In this guide, I shall be explaining how to form the nation of Arabia. This is no mods by the way, so don't go anywhere. Now, let's go raise some flags!...