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4 Days Left 2013年2月24日 4時13分
NO servers.
When i check in magicka MP i cant see any servers in any gamemode? There is usaly 500 pepole playing magicka at the same time. All of those cant be playing singe player.
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Naiavita GreyMoore 2013年2月25日 15時45分 
Or they're playing a private game with their friends.....
4 Days Left 2013年2月26日 0時37分 
I know. But then i should be able to see there gamemode.
Il Principe dell'Oppio 2013年2月27日 8時50分 
Same problem. And I can't find anyone even in the internet to play with.
vacation till 18th 2013年2月27日 9時06分 
Yeah, there are unfortunately not many people left, who play Magicka...

But there is a public chatroom, where you can still find players.

Just join it, whenever you want to play.
It's not like, that there are always people, but the chance to find companions is still higher.
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