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Sir Gordonsay Oct 23, 2013 @ 12:53pm
here are methods to increase field of view, increased resolution options, and more
It sucks that the developers didn't put more into making this game more adjustable from the get-go and compatible with PC. It seems like quite a lazy console port.

Sometimes the links don't work anymore (perhaps you are reading this 2 years from now and the links have been taken down) but you can do a Google search for the file and it might pop up on some file hosting website.
But here are the game modification tools I found to provide a satisfying experience for me:

initially posted by on the guru3D forums, this tool allows you to make changes to the registry to set many graphics options including custom resolutions such as "1366 x 768"

this tool lets you adjust the field of view, as well as set custom resolutions. For custom resolutions, I preferred the previously mentioned tool.

Sweet FX
this is to add additional postprocessing effects, such as FX AA anti-aliasing and making your game more colorful.

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Singularity > General Discussions > Topic Details
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