Transformers: War for Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Yung Bee 2013年8月29日上午4:59
If anyone wants to CO-OP add me :)
Title says it all
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REDrobin 2013年9月13日上午8:15 
hi im on 2nite waz ur name mines auto-nightwing ill
ill add u
Yung Bee 2013年9月16日上午4:15 
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hi im on 2nite waz ur name mines auto-nightwing ill
ill add u
im xEliasHD lol
REDrobin 2013年9月20日上午11:30 
for rel my name on something else is called elias
um on 2 night BTW ive not got the steam version just the pc version
Julia_K. 2013年11月8日上午1:16 
coop is a bit boring... ^_^
REDrobin 2013年11月23日下午4:02 
oh well cause ive completed the game the only thing that entetains me is multiplayer/coop
commander 2013年11月24日上午3:11 
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Title says it all

I can sometimes host campaign maps in escalation if you want, I don't have them all set, about maybe 5 of the maps, just for some extra fun, it's like campaign and escalation mixed together. But with a relaxing feeling to it, I just wish there were more escalation maps, that were larger and had more depth, story and other, so that you could enjoy much more of it, with more players around 60 or several hundred players in extremely large maps would be really fun.

I wish team deathmatch could do that as well, single player maps would be awesome in tdm if we could have alot more players, on specific maps, other maps would be difficult to get around on for the players in tdm from warping checkpoints or not getting back up to high places, although that might be ok if the map in the long run can go further.

Also I wish the ai bots in escalation and campaign were... different ai for some reason, I just don't feel that excitement from campaign bots or escalation, not like when you first start to play either one.

Some games have that feeling and balance, especially for multiplayer co-op..., some don't.
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REDrobin 2013年11月24日上午8:36 
erm thats really deep and all but erm well wow this is awkward but yeah do you wanna play?
Mystic_Ghost812 2013年11月24日上午10:27 
Ill play add me
REDrobin 2013年11月29日下午3:21 
erm name plz...
Yung Bee 2013年12月2日上午5:53 
Guys .. im really sorry but i dont play the game anymore , again sorry !
REDrobin 2013年12月7日上午3:35 
lol how come?
commander 2013年12月8日上午4:05 
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lol how come?

Maybe he got tired of the cheaters. =P
But that's not a total reason to give up, alot of people still work around it.
REDrobin 2013年12月8日上午11:25 
i guess i work aroud it in transformers is your name commander?
commander 2013年12月8日上午11:27 
In game, yes and no.
I have an old main alias, but I don't use that nick name much now.
REDrobin 2013年12月8日上午11:29 
so your online right now
like me
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