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SubZ3R0Omega Jul 8, 2013 @ 12:26am
Game Wont Install or launch =(
I just bought this game and spent 3 hours searching and troubleshooting all over the web trying to fix this game. It was a waist of my time my hdd space and most of all my money. There goes 20$ and 8 gigs if some1 dont help me. Here are my specs if It matters Windows XP Service pack 3 2.49 gigs of ram 512 mbs of video ram Nvidia GeForce LE300 And Radeon Thunderbolt 3. Heres what I have done to try and fix it: Run as admin,Run in compatablity,Manually insatall stuff from redist and run the game from binaries someone please help me!!!!!!
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Mac (no mic) Aug 3, 2014 @ 2:51pm 
commander Aug 8, 2014 @ 8:31pm 
All over the web? Have you tried my guide?

Also search many of the threads in this forum, even pages back.
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commander Aug 10, 2014 @ 1:29am 
Also I noticed your video card has a very little amount of video memory of about 512 megs, you might want to consider upgrading to another video card.
If you are short on cash, check or tigerdirect, find a video card for a very cheap price, you can get some really nice video cards out there for cheap prices.
You can even find really cheap hardware out there.
I suggest saving each month, don't buy any other games or software until you save up for a pc. I did the same thing. Just buy pc parts slowly, one by one, start with the motherboard to build a new pc, or buy the video card first, and then some ram. Speed of your cpu?

Try the nvidia control panel and set it to "let the 3d application decide" if you are using multiple video cards, this allows the game options to be used instead for the game's graphics, it also fixes sli/crossfire multiple video card issues and anti aliasing issues.
Also in the nvidia control panel, set your primary video card that you want to use with the game, one or the other, which ever works best. Also don't forget to set the in-game graphics options and resolution after that.

If you are using the radeon video card in your pc, if that's what you have, you will have issues, alot of games today rely on nvidia geforce video cards, especially newer ones.
Make sure you download and install the catalyst control center and video card drivers for your other video card as well, if you have one, go into the catalyst control panel, and something similar to the nvidia control panel that I mentioned about "let the 3d application decide", needs to be set for radeon video cards.

Make sure all of your graphics drivers are up to date for all of your video card types installed, and that your motherboard drivers and all other hardware is up to date in official drivers from the official websites of each hardware in the computer.

Radeon video cards should still install the latest physx, be sure to uninstall the old versions first, manually remove the folder in your program files, after you uninstall physx, and then install the latest version of physx after that. This will help the nvidia geforce video cards as well, but yours supposedly has only 512 megs of video ram, you can still try it with your video card. Remember to set the video card you want to use for the game, in your nvidia control panel, or how ever you switch them, because there are ways, if you have more than one that is, and test them all to see which works best, either the nvidia geforce video card, or the radeon video card.

Try to buy an nvidia geforce 670 gtx ftw edition if you can from, a very nice video card for gaming, and works with all games so far, even new games, it's around $200 dollars, but you can find cheap $100 dollar geforce 650 series, but you should save for the $200 dollar evga geforce 670 ftw edition instead, over a couple months.
Back in 2011, there was a geforce 450 for $25 usa dollars, I'm sure you can find a geforce 500 series and up even easier, I don't recommend less than a geforce 670 gtx though, for many reasons of graphics and performance that you would be missing out on, as well as compatibility with games. Also windows 7 64 bit is going to be better than 32 bit, for reasons that it allows more ram, and less crash issues of ran out of video memory and virtual memory bugs in games.
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commander Aug 10, 2014 @ 1:34am 
Also if anyone has issues with crashes or other weird things after setting your game to run as an admin, try to remove the "run as an admin" that you might have set in the game's .exe file of the game.

Even those that set it a while ago, if you got your game to work, try removing that setting for other reasons, some games work better with it, some don't. And remove other compatibility settings if they aren't needed for that game's .exe file as well.
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