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Andy【 CoE Feb 4, 2014 @ 6:10am
there should be an option to report
there so many hackers on this game
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commander Feb 5, 2014 @ 11:57am 
Yes there are alot, but there is no way to do anything about it, as reporting does nothing to them.

Some of them have steam profiles and already have been reported, others do not use steam to play this game.

Valve looks at the cheaters as valuable customers.

Although I find it ironic when a cheater in game uses rapid fire, I kill him/her, and that player comes back into my game and calls me a cheater using specific names. lol

Even know I don't cheat and never will, I have only used anti-crash mods because someone crashed my game 15 times in a row on a specific night, or escalation in tdm to get 10 players instead of just 4, I've had the game a long time and it does get boring with the same maps/models in game. There should have been a map editor for this game, so that we could make our own co-op, escalation, and game type maps such as team deathmatch.

The creators made this game as hard coded so that hackers couldn't get into it, same with the multiplayer system, but they failed to do so, and it only hurt the legit players in the long run, so this means it did more harm than good, as hackers can still get into it, the game can easily crash, even with default settings and default files, because of the hard coding, just to block out most possible ways for hackers to get in, and it didn't work, they use the unreal engine 3, for their game, you too can download the unreal development kit free, at, and you can make your own maps, or games with it, they would even look better than this one, as it is the latest version updated, I believe it is version unreal engine 3.5, UE 4.0 is coming.
If you know nothing of unreal tournament, i suggest you download the unreal tournament demo 348, from before the site is archived, or some other site, start with UT 99, and work your way up, unreal tournament 1999 was the best UT out there, especially in its time. Unreal Tournament also got its name from "Unreal", a game right before it.

You can also find videos of UT 99.
Unreal Tournament 2007 aka UT 3 was no good.

You can find my guide here in the forum, it is a good idea to download and install what I have, and read through it, as it is very important for your pc and extremely helpful, I highly recommend it.
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