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Exodus Jul 28, 2014 @ 10:13am
game crashes
this game will not work at all i tried all the steps people have done sounds like steam has not fixed any problems with this game
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commander Jul 28, 2014 @ 1:05pm 
Originally posted by exodus:
this game will not work at all i tried all the steps people have done sounds like steam has not fixed any problems with this game

Steam is just a program that valve made. You would be referring to valve.

Valve has nothing to do with the game, that's high moon studios the developers, and activision hosts the master servers for the multiplayer part.

Be sure to reach other threads if you have the keycode issue that others are getting, there's alot of info on contacting activision.

If you have a game issue with starting up the game, be sure to check my guide. =)
I find that alot of players usually skip much that I have to mention in my guide, and they also get lazy about it, so be sure to go through everything in my guide.

Also try right clicking on the game in the steam game's library, and going to properties, then set the launch options to -windowed. You can also remove the game's startup bink videos from the folder and see if that works, just to get it to the main menu area where you can change the resolution, make sure your video card can support higher resolutions and that it has enough video memory, for the reason it might not load the logos as well, at the start of the game, which means you will need to lower the resolution in the game options, if that is the issue, as well as the desktop resolution possibly, as it uses video memory as well at the same time.

Not trying to say that you have that issue, but for anyone that does.

Also the game has been out a long time. You would have to go to high moon studios for the startup issues, as they are the developers, valve can't fix what they don't have the source code for, and they don't have it for this game, they just sell the game through their steam program.

List your system specs by going to the top of steam, click system information, and outline all of it with your mouse by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it acrossed all the info, be sure to have it scroll down as you drag it, try to get everything.
After that, when it is all outlined, right click on the outlined text and click copy, then click paste in a new comment. This way others can help you, by better understanding your hardware.

Find your installed physx folder in your program files folder, make sure you have the right one, check both c:\program files, and c:\program files x86, there could be more than one, and be sure that you don't have an old version installed to the other, be sure to check both, after you find the most updated one installed. First you will see the folder called nvidia corporation, and then physx, copy the physx folder to your game's binary folder.
To find it, right click on the game in your steam game's library, and click properties, find where it says "browse local game content", and then click on it to find the binaries folder of the game, click on the binaries folder and open it, then copy and paste the physx folder into here, don't cut and paste, as that moves the folder without copying it, and you don't want to do that, as other programs need to use physx from the installed location. After that, try to startup the game again.

Be sure that you first uninstall physx, by going to the control panel in windows, and go to the part where you can remove programs, remove physx from there, and after you remove it, manually check to find out if there are any left over files or folders of physx, in the program files folder, or program files x86 folder. Once done, then reinstall only the latest version of physx before doing anything else, and be sure to copy and paste the physx folder into your game's binaries folder, but delete the old one first in there, before you copy and paste the new one.
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