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Vyn Mar 4, 2013 @ 6:09am
Numerous Keybinding Issues
I'm going to make a numbered list just for clearness:

1): Why is the V key hard coded to pen the game settings menu? I have been trying to get all my abilities and movement commands bound to the QWER/ASDF/ZXCV grid since the default hotkeys were rather inconvenient, but this hard coded V key is really spoiling my day.

2): Why is the mouse wheel hard coded to zoom and not available for keybinding? Given the accessibility of the mouse wheel, limiting it to a seldomly used function like camera zoom is a real waste.

3): Speaking of the camera, why is camera rotation not bindable to hotkeys? I have a rather stiff middle mouse button due to my mouse wheel having tilt functionality, and it would help prevent repetitive stress injury if I could use something else on my keyboard instead.

4): Why are the forward/back thumb keys on a typical 5-button mouse not bindable?

5): Why does the game have so much trouble recognizing non-alphanumeric keys? For example, trying to bind the map key to "Tab" results in it showing up as "9". The "Tab" key will still function as intended, but it's still an annoyance nonetheless.

6): Why is the hotkey menu so unresponsive to clicking? It's absolutely frustrating when it takes dozens of clicks for the game to even acknowledge that I want to change a hotkey. The text indicating the current hotkey will flash and indicate a click has been detected, but it just won't turn into a cursor and allow me to enter the new keybind. Extremely annoying.

I know I can get around most of these problems with something like AutoHotkey, but I think these are very basic functions that ought to be in the game by default.

Edit: Added #6
Edit: I take back the comment on AutoHotkey being able to fix things. Apparently, using AutoHotkey to rebind the mouse wheel results in an instant and reproducible crash of the game. I think I am starting to see the wisdom of this game low Metacritic score now...
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