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Vagabond Feb 25, 2013 @ 12:59am
You definately need to be ready to change up group makeup as you progress
I started the game with a pretty standard tank/healer/reg, and that seemed too slow. Swapped reg into a slayer, still meh, and the slayer kept getting eaten due to superiour AE dmg. Or the healer would pull aggro (either due to healing aggro, or just randomly deciding to shoot random mobs) and get flattened in a heartbeat.

For giggles I tried out a full 3 human slayer group, with nothing but def/sta implants, and str/dmg/heal/slow/def boosters. This group flat out owns up to about Danger level 9. You focus fire on the tankiest mob in the group, and everyone else just bleeds to death before he's dead. Hard on your keyboard, but no dealing with 6 different cooldown timers, mix of targeted attacks and not, etc.

Post Danger lvl 10, the per hit heals just don't keep up with incoming damage.

Subbed a mutant healer in for 1 of the slayers, Yup, stupid ranged character still pulls aggro due to auto attacking random crap. Thankfully pulled some random hamstring boosters, so now just kite and kill. Not fun but it gets the job done for now.

From what I've seen so far, tanks just can't taunt enough (either through skills or damage done) to keep things off of healers. And unless you use a mutant tank (for the jump), the... special needs... AI for ranged characters will just keep trying to get them killed.

I'll probably try a full ranged group for the rest of the game. 3 regs or 2 regs and a healer.

TLDR: different danger levels need different party mixes. If you're having problems or are new, don't be afraid to double or triple up on a character type untill you get the hang of things.
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blueheaven Feb 25, 2013 @ 9:33am 
I was able to complete the game using the original tank. Some times you just need to send the tank in 1st to build up some aggro. The only member i replaced was the healer. I used the slayer who joined the party early in the story. So its definately possible you may just have to adjust your stratedgy. And if you like play with 3 slayers go for it sounds awesome.
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