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Epic Fail X Feb 14, 2013 @ 5:51am
Mission/Location related achievements
Thrombus and Keeping it real: Finish the main story.
Stark Raving mad: See following post!
Yes I bet you have: The Wretched Hive quest can be started in Frisktorp.
Wind Breaker: Roger and his pet can be found and killed in the medium co-op mission.
We are the freaks and I am so electrified: Cortex and ElectroBert can be found and killed in the hard co-op mission.
I scratched the surface: Limbo can be found next to Solside City. Descending to level 45 is everything but an easy task. Be sure to bring a lot of patience and money with you! The threat levels as follows:
10 - Limbo, level 1-8
11 - Limbo, level 9-20
12 - Limbo, level 21-28
13 - Limbo, level 29-36
14 - Limbo, level 37-40
15 - Limbo, level 41-?
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Gucchi Feb 14, 2013 @ 3:20pm 
If you go to Trollberga and talk to the guy who wants to start a party, he will hint you where his friend is, talk to him and you start a quest that ends with stark raving mad.
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