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daemuth Feb 10, 2013 @ 9:31am
Krater installation issue
Hey guys,

I bought Krater today (IndieRoyale ftw), and unfortunately can't install it properly. It always gets stuck at 99%, and after a while it switches to "Update suspended".

What I have tried so far:

  • Checked my drivers - up to date
  • Tried reinstalling the game - no luck
  • Changed my system locale to English (US), Danish (Denmark), and Swedish (Sweden) according to this ( ) post, none helped
  • Tried game cache verification - not working, since there is only 1 file in the actual Krater directory (in common), the rest are in the "downloading" directory
  • Re-logging into Steam, restarting my PC (required for changing locale as well)
  • Googled the hell out of this issue, nothing found but the locale fix (which didn't work obviously)
  • Tried copying the files from "downloading" directory to the actual game directory, didn't help
  • Associated the install .vdf file with Steam to force the install process, didn't help.
Well yea, this is it. Since I have no ideas anymore:

Differential diagnosis for Krater installation issue! Go! :)
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After doing some research, this appears to be a Steam-related issue that is happening with various games.

What happens if you try to run the game when it's at 99%?
Are you sure you have enough disk space to install the game?
Have you tried swapping download servers on Steam? You can do this in Steam Settings -> Downloads & Cloud

If your issue remains, send me an e-mail at: and I'll do what I can to help you. Another alternative is to contact Steam Support. They might have some better ideas of how to fix it.

LiVam - Fatshark QA
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