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APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 12, 2013 @ 5:00am
Duskwater Fort : loot issue
I'am in Duswater Fort level 1 (Threat 3). I looted sucessfully 2 team of mobs. Others team, i fail to loot because no icon to loot :(( I can't pick up too crafting item from container after this issue.

What's wrong ? Iam the one with this bug ?

Do you know anothers area where same loot issue ?

Info : i play with 1 Bruiser + 2 Regulator, i know skill from regulator to slow need to be canceled before loot appear. But it's first time i got this issue.

Can someone help please ?
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Sinnerman Jan 12, 2013 @ 6:09am 
You are certainly not the only one. I was getting that bug all time. It was reported here back in October. Like you are in some perpetual battle mod, not being able to loot and regenerate health.

I was also hit by every single bug reported on the forum...on my first day of playing Krater...well I get them all time, whever I play: characters stuck, alt-tab bug, interface bugs, graphical bugs and errors, shooting through walls, you name it. Literally unplayable at times
APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 14, 2013 @ 9:38am 
Curious. With my new team from new party, i returned to this Fort when i got quest inside. I didn't see bug again. I'll try to go back with new team or when no quest inside to see if bug appear again. Without bugs, this game is addictive & one of most interresting.
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