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WARLORD Jan 5, 2013 @ 8:47pm
Honest Review
I have to be honest about this game. I was skeptic at first while reading the metacritic, reviews online and youtube reviews (Launch Date reviews) For $5.00 I picked up the collectors edition and its been a great joy playing so far. It's a different approach to the hack and slash genre buts its a nice twist on it. It has been running smooth here. It's an underrated gem in my books.
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wiredhands Jan 6, 2013 @ 7:42am 
The meta critic reviews are for the time they were written, fair. The game was buggy and in all honesty not ready for release when it were released, which the reviews show.
there are still bugs, but it's much much more stable and enjoyable now (at least the singleplayer is).

The coop part is imo still buggy and not something one at current should consider when buying the game, since at current it is only a few specifically created levels for coop play.
However should they ever manage to make the entire campaign available in coop, then it would become something worth considering when buying the game.

Personally I love the game, I think it's funny as hell and it's full of stuff to find and laugh about..for example, at some point you might bump into a reference to the prodigy and get a 'special' member in your mercenary group ;)
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