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Best Team ?
WARNING : Based on my characters level 5

Medikus // Dr Cerebro
Mayhem MK13

If i understand there are 4 classes if i consider Dr Cerebro like a medikus. After played few hours, characters at level 5, i noticed that :

Bruiser : best DPS & aggro because his AOE skills
Medicus : better to have 1 in team. i switched for Dr Cerebro more fun.
Regulator : useless
Mayhem MK13 : useless (except his nice rank max 15)

Even if Mayhem MK13 deal more damages/second with his weapon, Bruiser with AOE skills kill more fast than Mayhem MK13. I tested that.

I can't play more Krater at this time because i need a patch to fix french langage compatibility on Steam. But i want to know :

  • Is Mayhem MK13, at level 15/15, faster killer than Bruiser ?
  • Is Krater require ranged characters to kill mobs ? All fight can be done in melee ?
  • Is it possible to play more than 3 characters at same time ?

At this time, my best team is 2 Bruiser + 1 Dr Cerebro.
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wiredhands Jan 5, 2013 @ 6:30am 
I have tried most versions (I dont have MK13 so cant comment on it)

My funniest and somewhat best team is the tripple Regulator one, lots of crowd control, and with the proper boosters they heal and do very good damage too. so Imo calling the regulator useless must be because you haven't 'really' played them ;-)
Atm I consider my dual bruiser+1 regulator setup the best for story mode because of the insane instant damage I can do with my current booster setup, healing isn't overly important in regular dungeons, since most things are dead before they even get to hit me more than once.

In the threat level you must die dungeons (the non story ones that are very deep), I change my setup depending on which monsters I meet, this is necessary since some monsters will almost instant kill melee characters (and they come in packs with high numbers) even if I have a healer on their♥♥♥♥♥

Imo the most useless characater in the story part of the game is the medikus since apart from the final story mode fight, you can do every single fight without one, and all class's can get selfheal via boosters, so they are to some extent useless and by having one I loose dps, since the damage they do are somewhat low.

You also forgot a class, the slayers(MK13 is afaik not a slayer), they are a quite fun bunch to play since they have bleeds and really fast attacks, but on some mobs it's not the wise to bring slayers as they will be smacked around really fast.

once you get past level 5 there are some towns with recruits from a different race(same class's though) that have different abilities and are sligthly more powerfull and can go to higher ranks.

Is Mayhem MK13, at level 15/15, faster killer than Bruiser ?
Is Krater require ranged characters to kill mobs ? All fight can be done in melee ?
Is it possible to play more than 3 characters at same time ?
Depends on your boosters/implants and weapons
No and Yes
No, You can hire as many characters as you want and have a roster a mile long, but you can only use 3 of them in the game (but you can switch them on the fly as long as you aren't in combat)
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APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 5, 2013 @ 4:19pm 
Thinked was better for DPS to add % damages more to kill faster & stat booster. But i'll try heal booster.

Thx for all info. I'll try to build all classes to be sure i'll be ok.

I don't like Regulator because he kill to slow than Bruiser. My 1st Bruiser kill often almost all ennemy in AOE. I think 3 Bruisers should kill fast better. But you told me some mobs can kill melee characters easily. Bruiser is easy game too because i don't need to target each time mobs. Just click on skill AOE & Bruiser attack auto.
wiredhands Jan 5, 2013 @ 5:11pm 
Well the fun part is to play around with the implants and boosters and see how much they can affect your damage/healing depeneding on how you do it.

On my mutant bruisers I have their AOE fully with str boosters, and then I have damage booster in the other the aoe doesn't do 'that' high damage, but it gives a str buff to the bruiser(and any other player char in the area of effect). with 2 bruisers I can boost my str with quite high amounts when I do a double aoe attack that affects both of them and then maybe a str gadget on top boosting str even further..with this combo and my rank 15/15 bruisers with decent weapons I have seen hits doing more than 20k damage (though I can't remember if this got lower after the different nerfs fatshark applied to some of the things)

I also did some experimenting with regulators and adding focus boosters, damage and slowing boosters to certain abilities which also is quite a lot of fun..watching mobs go into super slowmotion getting stunned and then keeping the slowmotion up(with them dying before they even get to fire at me) with my tripple regulator group is quite fun ;-)

what I'm saying is. you should try things out, the game is fun because you don't have to play the standard way (heal, dps and tank), but can try things out and it will still work.

Though I can tell you, if you want a real challenge then play with 3 medikus, then things go from a walk in the park to becoming quite hard ;-)
Donald Trump Jan 9, 2013 @ 7:10am 
I can actually score hits as high as 500 with autoattacks on my regulator. With his second skill I can pull off hits as high as 2000. And that is AoE. That combined with his stun gives him the ability to do 3000+ damage in a very short time. Add some autoattacks in between cooldowns and I can easily combo for 2500+ in one turn. It all comes down to how you build. Initially I thought bruisers seemed the strongest. I let my bruiser tank and taunt, and my regulator deals the serious damage.
dannilos Mar 9, 2013 @ 3:29am 
I have a tactic:
Regulator AOE (with DAM boosters)
Attack with Bruiser with AOE to catch agg, do it fast so mob get caught in the field
Medicus to heal bruiser (the long heal)

Quite effective and easy, its just a matter of timing
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