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start failure: "cx_freeze fatal error" and "cannot get zipimporter instance"
Krater has been downloaded and installed. when i try to start it up a cx_freeze fatal error windows pops up saying: "cannot get zipimporter instance". there is only a "ok" button and nothing happens upon clicking it!

i have a laptop with win7 and ati mobility radeon hd 5650

plz help! google have failed me and i really want to try krater out

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wiredhands Dec 10, 2012 @ 4:10pm 
A few things to try out (not all at once, 1 by 1 and run game in between):

1. check that your windows and your drivers are up to date, if not update.
2. Run steam as administrator (right click and choose run as administrator)
3. Verify integrity of game cache
4. uninstall and reinstall

If none of that works, please supplya a dxdiag on

To make a DXdiag :

(1) Go to the Start button
(2) in the searchfield Type dxdiag and click it so it runs
(3) While viewing the System tab wait for it to finish and click the "Save All Information..." button.
Save your DXDIAG report as dxdiag.txt on your desktop for easy access (you may delete the file once you have copy pasted the information to pastebin)

Post the link from pastebin here.

The dx diag is used to see if anything is wrong driver/update or something is not working as intended

If there is any logs files in


please put those on pastebin to (not all of them, one from a recent crash is fine)
If they are to big to fit there, just put them in a zip/rar file and upload them to a random download site and post the download link here
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Great! just what i need: a computer expert. now - after a few fruitless google searches - i have some hope of trying out krater eventually.

everything updated and still a no go. i even tried to move krater to my desktop computer with the same error. my desktop is not connected to internet and may need some updating:/

i have dxdiag:ed both computers and pasted the information to pastebin: DQVUxi6K (my alienware desktop computer diag info starts @ line 692)

as for the logfiles. there was no fatshark folder. i even searched my HHD/c: for "console_logs" and "crash_dumps" without any results.
wiredhands Dec 11, 2012 @ 11:08am 
Laptop :

your gfx card driver is from 1/22/2010..maybe it should be updated as I suggested (update windows and your drivers)

should bring you straight to the right area on amd's pages for the drivers or to determine which one you need

Desktop :

your desktop, have a gfx driver from 2012 so that should be ok.

Have you tried as I suggested to uninstall and reinstall the game ?
To run steam as administrator ?

The C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Krater\ folder can only be seen if you have administrators rights or if it have been created (if it isn't created then you of course can't see it)

My suggestion if you want to play on your laptop :
A : update that graphic card driver on your laptop
B : Uninstall the game (rightclick on the game in steam and choose delete local content), reboot the laptop, run steam as administrator, download the game via steam. When done downloading, run the game from steam

My suggestion if you want to play on your desktop :
A : Uninstall the game (rightclick on the game in steam and choose delete local content), reboot the PC, run steam as administrator, download the game via steam. When done downloading, run the game from steam

The reason you should download to both and not copy from the laptop to your desktop is that it is 2 different pc's and if a file/installation is faulty on your laptop and you copy it to your desktop to see if it works there, the file/installation will still be wrong there because you have copied the broken file
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that is gonna take time due to slow connection (about 20 kbps) but i am on it!
super duper thanks for your time, effort and guidance wiredhands!!!
wiredhands Dec 11, 2012 @ 2:32pm 
20kb/s..holy cow..thats...ehm...slow...

I Thought Sweden was full of fiber cables everywhere supplying highspeed internet connections, I stand corrected.

Well with 20 kb/s and a 2-3gb to download..that'll take like 2 days......damm, ehm..well I suppose you are not going to like the 500mb/1gb patches they sometimes spit out for Krater...

i am using a 4g wireless connection with a 15gb limit per month. within the limit: about 2 mb/s, beyond that it drops to about 20 kb/s. and that is the most affordable option if you have a farm out in bush.

but now i have downloaded krater using my neighbors (20 kilometres down the road) internet. download speed about 10 mb/s:) i guess people like me are the exception to the rule about most swedes having highspeed connections.

so now everything is ought to be patched, updated and reinstalled and viola. everything seems to work. yay!

thou i will hold my breath until 24h has passed since i read somewhere that registry keys sometime can mess things up.

thanks a lot for your assistance wiredhands. if you ever happen to be in perstorp, mariestad, sweden. drop by for a beer or two;) i owe you that much at least...

wiredhands Dec 12, 2012 @ 3:18am 
I'm glad the 'easy' update/reinstall thing worked :-)

I hope you will have an enjoyable time playing it now that the game is working for you
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