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Robil Dec 6, 2012 @ 1:51pm
Will I handicap myself by using Boot Camps?
When my level 5 guys hit max rank, I wasn't too bothered about dismissing them and recruiting new level 10 guys...but now I've been playing with those level 10 guys for a long while, and they've grown on me a lot. Would be kinda sad to see them retired.

Of course, for people like me there's the Boot Camp option. My question is - are guys who've been promoted as good as new recruits? Do they have comparable stats?

So for example if I take my current Bruiser, who was recruited at 0/10, promote him to be able to go to 15, then level him to 15, and then buy a new Bruiser at 0/15 and level him to 15, will the latter have better stats than the former, or will they be about the same? Hopefully that makes sense
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wiredhands Dec 7, 2012 @ 4:15am 
Well I don't know which combination you play with.

there is a difference between mutants and humans (mutants tend to have slightly higher stats).
But anyway with same class and race sent through bootcamp or not should stat wise not matter (they will have the same total base amount of stats before implants).

Though, imo, if you get to some real hard dungeons, having more than 3-4 characters is always a plus, but with the bootcamp option you dont have to discard your old characters even if you recruit new ones
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Maldrag Dec 11, 2012 @ 2:35am 
Stats on characters do not increase when they rank up or go thru boot camp so you actually handicap yourself by promoting them since higher level recruits have more stat points.
Human recruits have a total of 50 pts for rank 5 recruits, 55 for rank 10, and 60 for rank 15.
Mutants also get 5 more total points, so a rank 15 mutant would have 65 total points.
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