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World Mar 23, 2013 @ 7:28pm
How Did the Mac Version Pass Alpha? Save Your Time and Money.
With a relatively docile and rudimentary game selection market for Mac, this one seemed pretty interesting. Even with the repetitive game play pre-cautions I took a chance on it.

What I found was a complete mess.

As I'm sure most people reading this will agree, the developers put, in all sense of the word, no information about what is required for the game to run. I didn't experience the crashing issues (except when I actually was playing the game amidst horrific lag), but I did have the unfortunate displeasure in assuming that I could play on my Macbook Pro. Since most people with Macs have laptops, I cannot, for the life of me, understand why this information is not on the download page.

It's still a current issue. I had to sleuth around the internet (finding people with similar woes) to no avail. This game is almost completely unplayable.

I have a high-end MBP that runs Skyrim on High graphics fine. This game should not be going at 2-3 FPS before crashing. What you have here is a completely unfinished product that was rushed out to take advantage of a relatively unheard community.

It baffles me that you, the developers and team associated with the game, thought that this version was releasable. Have some pride in your work. I really hope you guys can salvage this game. This entire event is completely unprofessional from a team that leaves insipid, useless answers. Hopefully, however, this disastrious launch can be didactic.

Do you all agree? I feel like I was/am being taken advantage of. I do not want this game to be a precedent of what is to come. This is just a waste of time and money on the consumer and seller sides.
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First of all, I'd like to apologize on behalf of Fatshark for a very poor release. The reality is that we're a very small team that simply doesn't have access to the range of hardware that we would've needed to make sure the game works perfectly across machines. We tested the game thoroughly on a number of Macs to the point where we felt the game was stable.

It is clear after release that the game wasn't working as well for everyone as it did in our tests, and we're working to fix the issues that people have reported. That said, we cannot guarantee that we can solve every issue and make the game run on every machine. There are simply too large differences that would require a load of fallbacks that we can't keep up with.

If you are unable to play the game and would like a refund, don't hesitate to contact me at
Please let me know what machine you are unable to run the game on.

We take great pride in our work and are not happy that people have paid and are unable to play our game.

LiVam - Fatshark QA Manager
wiredhands Apr 9, 2013 @ 5:07am 
I've been awol for to long.

first of all I haven't read all the posts thats been made (in a long time), irl stuff.

But it seems to me that you, and that is you the men and women at Fatshark haven't learned anything from when you released the game for the PC last year. At that time it was for quite a few players filled with bugs and crashed on a constant basis, this were to some extent rectified (I never had any huge problems with it though, but I base it on what I saw on the old steam forum at the time, and the time I used trying to help others getting to play the game).

I don't know if you have actually had a 'free' alpha/beta test of the mac version, where mac owners could participate, if not, you should've done that and actually made people aware that it were there. If you don't have the different hardware configurations to test it yourself try to get others to help on a volunteer basis. Make a form, we need mac owners to help beta test this game, let them fill in their hardware specs and select the different configs needed and let the testing begin.
Releasing a buggy and for some unplayable version of the game will come to bite you in the face later on and that means lots of unsatisfied customers and in the long run a serious loss in revenue.

All I can say is improvement is sorely needed, and you all need to realize this. The words you write that fatshark takes great pride in it's work and are unhappy that paying customers can't play the game. I dunno, seems to me the words are starting to ring a little hollow knowing that the pc version was also released in a quite buggy state.

When the above is said, I enjoy playing Krater, but I have also pretty much not had any of the gamebreaking bugs that others experienced, which means I had a way better time playing than they had. I want others to end up playing the same almost bug free game I played, but I think testing things properly is a major problem for fatshark and one you absolutely must make your main priority to get fixed.
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