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mr.Jelly Oct 15, 2013 @ 4:20am
Regular ctd
Hello. Today i started playing Krater and found that game crashes to desktop after some time. No error messages. I tried to restart several times and always got same problem. 1-2 hours of playing and ctd. Here is my last log:


As i presume, problem with memory or paging file. How can i solve this issue?
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The_Mess Oct 15, 2013 @ 11:52pm 
Huh, strange.

It could be a hardware issue, but without any other symptoms, I'd guess the game is running out of system memory and not using page-file stuff on the hard drives. Only 2 google hits as well :/

Aside from maybe verfying the game file cache, on the off chance this is just a corrupt file, there's not much else to try other than adding in another DDR2 module if you can afford it.

There's also a more recent AMD graphics driver available, but I doubt that will deal with this crash.

(kinda wishing I had a spreadsheet of all the system specs I've seen with Krater right now just to see if it is a lack of system memory...)
mr.Jelly Oct 16, 2013 @ 7:19am 
Well, i tried to enable paging file on all drives (it was enabled only on one drive before), but with no result. Too bad it takes much time just to see if something have effect or no. Now I tried to verify cache, and got message that verification failed and file reacquired. Hope it will help, but i'll test it only tomorrow.

By the way, can pure lack of RAM possibly be cause of my problem? I cant get more now so it would be sad if its the source of trouble. But i suppose game was tested on systems with 2 gb RAM if it is described as minimal system requirements.
The_Mess Oct 16, 2013 @ 5:21pm 
Hopefully the missing file was the problem :D

wiredhands Oct 19, 2013 @ 1:07pm 
Well, I think it might be a memory issue since the log states this as the crash reason

12:54:39.062 [Crash] Error in foundation\memory\page_allocator.cpp:43, build 11188

Assertion failed: p

Page allocator failed allocating 271056886 bytes, total 874577920

2 gb may be minimal but it isnt optimal, would be better with more ram.
However I hope they have fixed most of the potential memory leaks.

Anyway, an easy way to check if it runs out of memory is to do the following :
start the game alt tab out of it.
bring up the Task manager, processes tab, find the Krater.exe there and see how much memory it takes up.
Watch it for a bit and see if the memory it uses goes steadily up, even when you are just watching the taskmanager, if it keeps climbing up then there is a memory leak and it will eventually make the game run into the memory ceiling and crash.
You should maybe also play for like 30-40 mins, alt tab again and see how much memory Krater.exe takes now in the task manager. if it is closing in on your max system memory, then it's probably soon going to crash.

However if that is what is happening, you can use some memory manager software that forces the system to free the 'garbage' memory that krater holds on too, and as such prevent it from happening (though Krater 'should' be doing this on its own).
When Krater was launched more than a year ago it did have some memoryleaks and ate memory like I ate cookies, at that time I used a program called minimem to free the memory from it (it's a free program, you can download it from download.cnet or similar place)

Basically a memory leak is when a program keeps asking for more memory, but it doesn't free up the memory that it is done using, and as such it will end up eating all your memory and ultimately crashing when it can get no more memory
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mr.Jelly Oct 22, 2013 @ 3:42pm 
Tried again today, but cache verification didn't work for me. Still ctd. It seems that there is a minor memory leak, usually undetected until you have 2 gb ram, which is rare nowadays. There is no certain action needed in game to crash. It just crashes after roughly similar amount of time, even if you do nothing by that moment.

Next time i'll try minimem, thanks for advice. Anyway, it looks like i'll have to go buy more memory :)
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