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Worth it?
I got a 90% off coupon for it. But the reviews for Meta is not too good with a lower score. The game itself looks fun, but is it?
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At 90 % off i would say that it is worth it (just my opinuion though and everyones different but i like it-not played much on my pc,played it more on my friends but i do like it)
Chancellor Nov 16, 2013 @ 9:14am 
It's actually a really fun game, visually pleasing too. It has a nice open world feeling to it, at one point I just forgot the main quest and started exploring around. If you're looking for super complex hack and slash games, Krater will disappoint you. But if you just want some lighter fun, Krater has it
Thank you for the replies, ill look into it.
CatOfNoTime Nov 18, 2013 @ 12:20pm 
A too early release overshadows this overall great title.
It still has minor flaws but one can easily find work-arounds.

A unique game with a simple gameplay but drawing the player into a pleasing flow. The overall art is consistent and the setting is executed in a authentic and humurous way. The original soundtrack is on par with AAA titles on the current gaming market.

This is what I also wrote in my recommendation towards the game. Imo, it is worth every cent! I feel bad for having used the coupon you described for the game. I will certainly buy the available additional content to make up for it.
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