Filcher Feb 12, 2014 @ 3:41pm
Lead and Gold - A note to the devs.
Dear Devs,

I know Lead and Gold is pretty much dead in the water, but this game is a timeless classic which is just begging for an option for LAN gaming. There are very few games that get everything right... I consider Quake 3 to be one of them. Lead and Gold is another. A well-balanced game that puts skill at the forefront.

Lead and Gold should be in every FPS gamer's collection, but what's hampering it is the fact that you can't run a server on LAN or run your own. I'd love to be able to run a Lead and Gold server, it would be up perpetually and I know I and my friends would get years of fun out of it.

Lead and Gold is a classic that deserves to have longevity. To not let it live on through the community would be a shame.