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Bonding/tamed creatures and fences: Feedback and a question
First off, just want to say the new Bonding feature is fantastic. No longer having to worry about permanently losing my creature (either by death or the pathfinding failing and them wandering off somewhere) makes the game much more enjoyable for me. It's easier to become attached to my creatures now, and not having to constantly fret over them is a relief. Thank you for adding this in!

Three things I wanted to mention (some related to bonding, others not).

First, I do think a warning needs to pop up when you try unbonding with a creature. I've accidentally unbonded with one of my creatures twice now, once from the E menu and the other from clicking the X in the Bonding menu (wasn't looking closely at the time). It isn't the end of the world, since in theory it's easy to rebond; however, if that happens while there are potentially aggressive creatures around, it could mean losing my creature permanently. Just a simple box popping up asking if you're sure about unbonding would solve the issue.

Second, if there isn't a way to set a creature's stance (aggressive, neutral, passive, etc.), I'd like to suggest adding this in, specifically a passive option. There have been multiple times now where a wild creature will accidentally walk over me or otherwise bump into me in some way, decreasing my health. The wild creature is obviously not being aggressive, but my creatures (bonded and tamed) will think otherwise and charge at the wild creature. With bonded ones, this isn't a big deal, since I can easily revive them. However, if I don't leash a tamed creature fast enough, or if there are multiple tamed creatures around that join the fight, they're at risk of dying in a battle that shouldn't have happened. It's been frustrating losing tamed creatures this way. Giving the option to individually set friendly creatures, bonded or tamed, to passive so they won't attack would be much appreciated. Obviously there are some times I wouldn't want this activated, in case of an actual attack, but with worker creatures around my base, I'd prefer they don't engage in fights.

There should also be an option to call off a creature that's fighting (perhaps this could just be for bonded ones only, using the whistle). I've tried whistling for them to follow me, cancel, or "go to" a certain area, but they insist on continuing to fight, even when the enemy creature is running away.

Lastly, I built a fenced-in area to keep my tamed creatures, and they consistently have been able to walk right through the fences (not through a gap between them, but actually straight through the fences themselves). I don't remember this happening in the past; is this a glitch?

Sorry for the long post, but thank you for reading!
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JohnTomorrow  [developer] Jun 29 @ 5:09pm 
Hi, thanks for the feedback! Agree with you on all points. Stances and better creature control is coming, it is designed but not implemented yet. Creatures have some issues with fences and structures and its a well known problem that will be fixed eventually. I will take a look to verify things did not get worse with the new structure rewrite.
Reimasa Jun 29 @ 5:12pm 
Thank you for the fast reply! Glad to hear stances will be added in the future. For the fences, I do wonder if they may have become worse. I don't remember having problems with them beforehand, though perhaps I was just lucky back then and never encountered the glitch. Either way, thanks!
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