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Reimasa Jun 29 @ 10:51am
I apologize if I missed it, but how exactly does using creatures from the Workshop work? After subscribing to the creatures I wanted and restarting the game, I tried clicking "U", as was mentioned in the news update from February, but nothing happened. Do they simply show up randomly in the world from now on (which I would be more than fine with), or is there a way to directly spawn them? Thank you!
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gww2  [developer] Jun 29 @ 11:28am 
You need to be in creative mode to launch and spawn creatures from the workshop. We are exploring balanced integration into Adventure mode but that is a bit trickier. If you want to get around this you can use the /mode command to switch between creative and adventure modes in the chat window. The valid /mode commands are
/mode creative
/mode adventure
mid endian Jun 29 @ 12:03pm 
and if you are in adventure mode and have an orb limit smaller than your creature, use /buildsize command with a number 1-6.
Reimasa Jun 29 @ 4:44pm 
Good to know, thank you both! I'll try it out. Since you're looking for ways to integrate it with Adventure mode, I'd like to suggest Workshop creatures spawning somewhere in the map as wild creatures (I think Spore had a feature similar to this with creature sharing, if I remember right, though it's been a while). Maybe that wouldn't work too well, but just wanted to put it out there.
gww2  [developer] Jun 30 @ 6:04am 
Using curated workshop selection to populate the world has always been something on our radar. There is also possibilities in allowing players to pay resources for workshop creatures in adventure mode. However, we'd like to avoid players utilizing other people's creatures for completing all challenges in adventure mode though, when so much of the fun is in building your own.
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