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leash change: Bug or Design?
so I noticed today that leashes and vines cannot be used on wild creatures, just tamed/bonded ones. was this deliberate? I found leashing and separating wild creatures from mine to be useful at times. tell my critter to go one direction, and leash the agressive animal and pull it in other direction.

if this is by design, I'm curious to know the reason for the change.
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JohnTomorrow  [developer] Jun 23 @ 2:34pm 
The leash was taming creatures which was a bug so we corrected that. It was also odd to be able to pull large untamed creatures with the leash so that functionality has been removed (for now). I do agree with you that being able to pull untamed creatures is useful and fun. We will look into ways to preserve this type of mechanic as we start our next update which is creature AI and abilities. Also expect improvements to the leash itself in the future since it is now a crucial item with the changes to tamed creatures due to the new bonding system.
there's an old game I remember, black and white, that allowed you to influence the creature representing your will with different leashes. might make for a cool mechanic in your game as well.
JohnTomorrow  [developer] Jun 23 @ 2:39pm 
I played black and white yeeeeears ago. Good idea, would be fun to dust it off again :)
i hate the leash cannot tame creatures
JohnTomorrow  [developer] Jun 24 @ 7:21pm 
We were brainstorming of possibly making the leash have functionality like a lasso that could be part of taming.
separate leashes would be useful as well. there are vines and leashes. why not make a tame only leash, and a moveable leash, maybe one that can anchor to a tree or rock. great way to distract hostile wild critter for a bit :D
Lordofd Jun 24 @ 9:22pm 
IMO we should be able to leash animals to fenceposts with ordinary leash (but not with IVY)
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