Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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skyace65 Oct 31, 2012 @ 1:31pm
I really hope valve does their own half-life remake with source 2
first let me be clear. no i do not live under a rock, i know black mesa released and i'll probobly get flamed for saying this but i just dont find it as a good remake.

the weapon rebalancing wasnt needed and made a bunch of weapons more useless than before, the enemy rebalancing also wasnt needed and made things worse, marines became insanely difficult and other enemies like the vortigaunt or houndeye werent any harder because of the buffs only 10x more annoying now with the visual distortion and ridiculously fast hit times, it seems like all they really wanted to do was pump it full of difficulty and just made it more annoying.

and the thing is i LIKE a lot of the additions to the base mechanics, sprinting, ADS and the 02 counter are all great additions that dont change anything previously and work well but i cant stand the stuff they reworked just to rework it

now some people will probobly just say "change the propertys in the file" the thing is thoguh, that dosent solve all my problems, yes i could do that for weapons but thats just it, i cant change the distortion effects or how the marines function. also once deathmatch releases theres no way to change the propertys when playing online with others so it feels like the classics and its just gonna turn into 1 giant headache.

So once half life 3 releases (insert near end of world date here) and valves done a few other games i really want them to do this. we might get better level loading hell maybe even procedural generation and a half-life remake that feels like the original. and on top of that with a SDK hopefully releasing for source everyone could than make their own levels in that to get the experience they want out of the game, maybe even a blue shift or opposing force remake would follow as DLC.

what do you think? "gets ready for flamers"
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(ZF)HashireV2 Oct 31, 2012 @ 7:01pm 
i agree i like the orginal half-life they remade the maps to differently so its hard for me to find where the level ends and the new one starts
and i agree with the weapons and npcs its just basicly a new game but with a the source engine remade
i play black mesa but im no were near done with it its just a big headache i play hl1 source and normal and let me just say the black mesa dev team remade the whole entire levels different
im just saying its not a remake of hl1 its just a new game if i say so my self
its what i think its not a fact
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