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I'm creating low spoiler maps for everyone on Tales of Unknown
I'm hand drawing Tales of Unknown maps on 22 by 22 graph paper. The intention of this project is to provide maps that don't reveal any secrets or ruin the mystery and suprize in the dungeons. That being said, so far i'll only show visable doors, walls, and stairs. Nothing else

what i need to know is if stairs is too much of a spoiler for this? should i add anything else? (such as teleportation points?), and I'm thinking about shading the walls so theirs more contrast.

What are your thoughts on those 3 things?
for anyone who's looked at some of the maps provided in the game links, you'll notice that they either a) have spoilers b) to my suprize, some of these maps are actually missing an entire grid! c) to fuzzy and out of proportion. d) Are just plain wrong. really all of the maps that are provided are disappointing. Obsviously no one checks the stuff that's thrown up there.

I decided that i won't include stairways, because that might ruin it for some people.
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