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Shards  [developer] Sep 8 @ 7:14am
Polaris Sector v1.06 - Open Beta!

The next patch for Polaris Sector is now available on Steam in an Open Beta branch!

This is version 1.06 Beta 4a and has these new features!

1. New Configuration options for galaxy generation
2. Ability to select which races the AI can pick from
3. Improved AI for the hard difficulty settings
4. Fleet Designer
5. New fleets management screen
6. Automatic fleet build and repair/refit
7. Automatic replenishment of fighters for carriers
8. Ship role assignment
9. Ability to have your transports automatically transport satellites and fighters between systems
10. Automated ship upgrading
11. Automated ship repairing
12. Rally points and automatic rally points
13. Build a fleet at a rally point
14. Enhancements in the tactical combat behaviour
15. Updated pace of the resource depletion
16. Updated Resource deposit UI – now shows also the resources reserved for queued builds
17. Compare ship technologies on the Science screen or in the Ship Designer

To opt into the Beta:

- Right Click on Polaris Sector in your Steam Library and select Properties
- Select the Betas tab in the popup box
- Select "Open Beta" from the drop-down menu
- Steam should immediately begin to sync your files to the new branch.
(If you can't see the option, or Steam doesn't download the files, please try Exitting Steam completely and reloading)

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Vasquez Sep 8 @ 7:20am 
Medway Sep 8 @ 2:53pm 
The lack of automation when playing a large game was why I stopped playing at about 40 hours. But it seems you have zeroed in on the problem. So will reinstall and try the beta. Quite a surprise!
NihilRex Sep 10 @ 4:01pm 
Very nice
someone have video with the new beta\patch?
NihilRex Sep 11 @ 2:19pm 
Originally posted by StarFishon:
someone have video with the new beta\patch?

Not at the moment.

The main changes are not cosmetic, but QoL.

You can define a fleet, then tell the game you want another copy of that fleet somewhere else, and it will build it for you and transport ships\fighters\stations there when available.

You can tell a damaged fleet to refill itself the same way, if it was previously stored, or you can create a new one from scratch.

There are some new modules\ship parts as well, but most of those are QoL too, like the 2x scouting module that just saves a 9x9 space.

There are also a bunch of new config options for Galaxy Generation, such as ore richness, artifact count, etc.
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sog Sep 12 @ 3:44am 
I would love to see some sort of political/internal immersion?
Just got the game today. Just saw this after failing at two games trying to learn without a tutorial.

These changes should make a world of difference towards playability. After seeing the last patch for this game was about a year ago I had a sinking feeling about the game's future, but this is awesome.

I hope there's some love coming for diplomacy as currently it's a bit unwieldy.
KaidenOZ Sep 14 @ 8:18pm 
Was going to create a new thread but might throw it here instead.

At game start your homeworld starts fully built up with 50k approx spare population, due to the excess population at game start, It kind of prohibits any kind of ability to change your homeworld at least before you establish your first planet with the ability to drop farms.

The reason for this is because of the excess population, you are kind of commited to the large amount of farms on your home world that can't be removed without creating huge morale problems from starvation.

This then leads to you being completly unable to, at least in the early game, change the focus of your homeworld and commits you to being stuck with 3 factories and 1 orbital and the really long build times for ships that come with it.

i would suggest instead that the exess 50k population and associated farms be removed from homeworld to allow you to at least adjust your homeworld slightly be it to a little more productin or research of what not instead of having your hands tied with half the planets population effectivly sitting on welfare.

Mould give you a little extra to do at the very start of the game instead of sitting for 5-10 years waiting for your first ship to be built gave the player a little more choice as to how they want to start their empire.
Tanaka Sep 19 @ 9:34pm 
Awesome I love these!

1. New Configuration options for galaxy generation
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