Gratuitous Space Battles

Gratuitous Space Battles

iambRad 22 lutego 2013 o 23:51
Cross advertising ingame
Why are you cross advertising Gratuitous Tank Battles in a game that I have paid for. Also, why is Positech Games not on Facebook, are you actually a developing/publishing company?
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OJ191 23 lutego 2013 o 0:58 
Hhahahahaahahah you think facebook actually means something.

While I don't necessarilly agree with it, GTB is also their game so they have (imo) every right to advertise it in this game if they want. Honestly WHO CARES.
iambRad 23 lutego 2013 o 1:03 
They're an indie developer, not a big time publisher. They need to get their name out their as much as possible. The fact that they aren't using social media for PR is dark ages, especially for a technology company.

When I opened the game that I just paid for on Steam and saw an advertisement it made me feel ill. It felt like one of those free mobile apps that has a banner along the top or bottom. Moreso to the fact that they're an indie developer, they shouldn't be doing this kind of thing in their games. Bad decision imo.
OJ191 23 lutego 2013 o 2:51 
Well aren't you a hypocritical little nonce.

"They need to get their name out as much as possible!"

*not allowed to advertise their very similar other game within this one
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iambRad 23 lutego 2013 o 2:57 
"Quoting out of context text to make an unrelated point."

Please move on, sir.
OJ191 23 lutego 2013 o 6:15 
"Quoting out of context text to make an unrelated point."

Please move on, sir.

How is that out of context. And Oh look they do have a FB page.
damajor4linux 23 lutego 2013 o 7:48 
[Sarcasms] Getting into FB is far more easier to fix bugs or learning to port game to Linux...
iambRad 23 lutego 2013 o 21:13 
Get their name out there as much as possible, without hindering people that are currently purchasing their products. Pretty simple stuff OJ191.

The Facebook stuff is beside the point, the reason I originally made this post was because of the cross promoting that is happening in paid games.

How would you like it if 2K Games started advertising Bioshock Infinite in all their other games? Or EA started cross promoting (now that would be hell).

But apparently its fine for an indie developer/publisher? I don't think so.
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Bananas 24 lutego 2013 o 9:11 
"Quoting out of context text to make an unrelated point."

Please move on, sir.

^^ Thats great advice for yourself.

No, he's right and you know it, in fact there is another thread on this but feeling special you created another.

To think you would advocate a Facebook marketing campaign as opposed to self promotion is ludicrous even though they do have that campaign also.

It's mighty convenient that you attack on this point and when called out on it you brush it off as if it was not even an issue... although you yourself brought it up.

And I quote "they're an indie developer, not a big time publisher. They need to get their name out their as much as possible. The fact that they aren't using social media for PR is dark ages, especially for a technology company."

Do you make a habit of talking out your hind side just to be contrary?

It's an indie developer and it's nothing new, many other companies advertise their other products in their own software, including... surprise, EA!

It's called being cost effective for one, self-promotion for two. Both are essential things for any business, especially a small one.

Too bad "YOU" don't think it's acceptable, it's certainly "an" opinion. I guarantee you would sing a different tune if it was you in their position competing on a small scale against the vast plethora of titles available today both on the indie and mainstream front.
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iambRad 26 lutego 2013 o 23:49 
I'm all for a debate Boogeyman, and you do make some valid points, but you've also obviously taken it unto yourself to resort to childish insults - which tells me you're just a fanboy and don't actually want to discuss the topic at hand. Debating with you any further would be a waste of my time.
Skulker_S 27 lutego 2013 o 0:17 
There is Medal of Honor Warfighter promotion in battlefield 3... both EA
just saying
DeadlyFred 27 lutego 2013 o 3:23 
You're seriously going to cry about this? Does it somehow effect, impede or functionally distract from your gameplay experience? It's not like they're throwing up nag screens you have to wait 10 seconds before closing to continue.
iambRad 28 lutego 2013 o 18:55 
It detracts from my gameplay experience when I open up a game I paid for and see an advertisement.

Which is the whole reason I came and posted on here. I never join in on discussions in games, ever. But this made me feel sick.
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Señor Kerman 28 lutego 2013 o 19:28 
I'm just a layman, but based on your description; I suspect you are suffering from PTSD. See, the banner is on the menu screen and far from any buttons you might actually click in relation to game play. During actual game play, the banner has disappeared. The previous trauma of seeing the banner is causing you to have excess stress, and it is this disorder that actually is detracting from your game play.

I suggest you logoff the internet and find a psychiatrst to help you with your disorder. PTSD is a serious matter, and left untreated, could cause serious problems in your ability to relate with others. I wish you well on your recovery.
Overread 1 marca 2013 o 2:59 
If it really hurts that much just go buy the game direct from the games website - no ads (if there is an ad then I've utterly managed to miss it!)

Now I recall a time in the past when most games would have a slot on the main menu for viewing the games intro AND viewing other games the company had made. Red Alert had a video scroll showing Tiberium Sun, NOX and a few others. Heck Homeworld Cataclysm had space on the CD with a demo of Ground Control.

And almost every game you play has a scrolling ad for the companies involved in the opening (some of them you can't escape click).
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