White Spirit Oct 9, 2013 @ 9:42am
The game is mostly ok, however I suspect that the devs simpy dropped its support after release and did not fix anything, since I am getting the same bugs that were on release.

Currently I encountered 3 major bugs, 2 of which could potentially prevent people from completing the game:

1) If you try to enter a 1st volcano in any vehicle with wheels, the game will immediately crash. Every time.

2) When you try to restart the Eggplant, and already dropped the train with colour canisters early on, the game will still tell you to look in the stratosphere for something heavy to drop. I spent 2 hour trying to figure out what is wrong, and only in walkthrough found out that you need to find 2 missing canisters with proper colours and drop the into the Eggplant. The game did not tell me this.

3) One of the canisters visually changes colour after you try to use it as a vehicle base.
Again, if you don't know that, you could be potentially looking for a canister with a colour which you will never find. For example, now I have 2 green canisters. One of which is supposed to be yellow.
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