S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

default_loser 18/nov/2012 às 16:20
Could I run this game if I'm playing SoC on low graphic settings?
I know that CoP uses the same engine but came out much later, but I have no idea how it runs in comparison since the optimization could be much better or worse than SoC. I'm thinking of picking it up the next time I see a decent sale for it, but might not bother if I won't be able to run it.
Here's my specs: Intel i3 M330 (2.13ghz dual core), 8gb ram, Intel HD Graphics, Windows 7. I know these are terrible specs, but SoC runs fine as long as I make it look not so pretty (it runs fine on Low settings, the framerate is fine on Medium except I get input lag). How does CoP compare in that sense?
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Tinўcloud 19/nov/2012 às 13:22 
I haven't played SoC in ages and I never really looked at the graphic/perfomance difference but after taking a look at your specs I think your graphics card will probably be the bottleneck.

If I were you I wouldn't bother buying CoP unless you get a new graphics card.
default_loser 19/nov/2012 às 15:00 
Right on...yeah my graphics card is ALWAYS the bottleneck, some games just manage to optimize it better than others. I might still pick it up for the future with the loyalty bonus if it goes on sale at some point and I have a couple of extra bucks though, I dunno.

Any other opinions?
Revolucas 20/nov/2012 às 0:10 
CoP will run better. It has been optimized unlike ShoC. CoP does use more resources though but you have 8Gb.
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Tuskan GA 20/nov/2012 às 0:26 
Escrito originalmente por default_loser:
Right on...yeah my graphics card is ALWAYS the bottleneck, some games just manage to optimize it better than others. I might still pick it up for the future with the loyalty bonus if it goes on sale at some point and I have a couple of extra bucks though, I dunno.

Any other opinions?

Which intel HD Graphics? If I'm not mistaken, that processor is a Nehalem-era i3, correct? In that case, the chances of you being able to play are pretty low.

But don't take my word for it. Try installing the Complete 2009 mod for SoC. It would get the system requirements closer to that of CoP and if you can run on low with that installed then buying CoP for cheap may not be a terrible idea.

As it stands, the Ivy Bridge HD graphics are some of the only ones I'd really recommend using as a dedicated graphics solution for gaming. My HD 3000 chip can barely play Dragon Age Origins on low settings at a reasonable resolution and your chip is from the previous generation.

As it stands, I'd need the name of your graphics chip in order to give better advice.

EDIT: Click on the start button and type in the search bar (Vista and 7) "Device Manager"

From the resulting window, expand the "Display Adapters" menu. The item within there should tell you what chip you have.
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default_loser 20/nov/2012 às 4:07 
Hm it literally just says "Intel(R) HD Graphics"...
Tinўcloud 20/nov/2012 às 5:34 
If you need more advice we will need more information about your system.
Here is a program you might like: {LINK REMOVIDO} (Shortened dropbox link)

It's called System Information for Windows(Official site: http://www.gtopala.com/)
It's always been a free program but since i think about a year ago you have to install some other crap to get it.

It's probably the best program you'll find for system information on windows.

You could post a screenshot of the video tab that shows the data about your video card and monitor.
Example: http://i.imgur.com/hOgzc.png
Tuskan GA 20/nov/2012 às 16:44 
Escrito originalmente por default_loser:
Hm it literally just says "Intel(R) HD Graphics"...

Not a good sign then. Mine says "Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000," if your's doesn't have its own name then that means it is in fact a Nehalem-era GPU (as I suspected) which means it probably can't run it at reasonable framerates.

Keep in mind that CoP is much more open than SoC. There are three main maps and each one is pretty large. Textures are more detailed, light effects are more demanding, and the game has to render more due to the size of the maps.

My advice stands: install Comlete 2009 for SoC and if it can run that, it might be worth buying CoP.

Because the thing is, in terms of system requirements, Intel graphics have since their inception been written off as worthless. It's only in the last two generations that their performance has really been anywhere close to good enough.

That means that there simply aren't that many people who have direct experience with gaming on an Intel GPU, especially not on chips from your generation of processors.
default_loser 20/nov/2012 às 18:00 
Yeah I had a feeling it was a first-generation one, the computer is definitely a few years old now. I can run the Complete 2009 mod as long as I turn off the new effects like bloom, etc...otherwise it chugs.

Thanks to both of you for your thoughts. If CoP goes under $5 for the loyalty edition, I'll probably end up picking it up anyway...worst-case scenario is that I'll have it sitting in my games list waiting for my next computer while I play SoC.
Cramer 24/nov/2012 às 15:32 
Four Some Reason Shadows Of Chernobyl Always Runs Better At Like 300fps Even On My ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ PC But Call Of Pripyat Runs Like 15fps In Skadosvk. Your Mainly Going To Be Limited By You're CPU (Central Processing Unit, or Processor) In Call Of Pripyat. Once I Upgraded To i5 From Core2Duo I Was Able To Run The Game No Problems.

Hope You Can Run The Game It's A Hoot And A Holler
- Brandon Kelly, First Grade
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