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rexspaceman  [developer] May 4 @ 12:46pm
ALPHA 6 Release - Changelog and discussion within
Space Impossible ALPHA 6
Steam Build ID 1800595

New features/Major Changes:
  • Added shields. Shields are a new component type that require shield mounts, and components to be placed in those mounts. They will intercept all energy impacts (i.e. lasers) and absorb the damage until they collapse. When they collapse, they will enter a cooldown that must expire before they will become active again.
  • -Shields must be on to charge. Once charged, they can be turned off if desired and will keep their charge while in the region.
  • -Warping will reset their charge.
  • -Weapons fired inside a shield's boundary will not hit the shield, so pay attention to position and shield size.
  • -When shields are active, engine output is reduced by 50%.
  • -Default shield button is "G".
  • Added a variety of shield types. Many of them have recipes for manufacturing. Some can only be found in the cargoholds of vessels and cargo containers.
  • Most ships now come equipped with shields. Certain factions don't use shields, and smaller ships are less likely to have them.
  • Leaving a ship will deactivate shields if they are active.
  • Entering building mode will deactivate shields if they are active.
  • Weapons have a new damage type specifically for shields. This opens up the possibility of specialized "anti-shield" weapons down the road.
  • Items floating in space are now saved to file. Re-loading the universe should now have those items reappear. WARNING: be careful about leaving too many items in space, they currently don't decay, and may become a performance bottleneck if too much is left in space.
  • Improved warp transitions. Should have no more hard snap rotations as you enter and exit regions.
  • Added image preview and component review when loading templates.
  • Added multiple mirror modes to building. Now mirrors across the object's center instead of just the grid's center.
  • Added Way Station and Patral Research Station from Alpha 4.
  • Added CTRL + Click on inventory to attempt to auto equip a component. It will look for first available slot (if any) of the correct type, and if found, will place component in that slot.
  • Added some additional logic for position checking when exiting a region. Far less likely to accidentally warp into another region.
  • Added ALT + Click to "pick" while building. It works similarly to most image editing softwares' color picker. Depending on the current mode, use it to pick tile, paint, mount or component for easy matching.
  • Should now be informed during building if Assembler's associated inventory is full.
  • Component and mount categories are now sorted in alphabetical order based off their English language.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Shift + R-click unintentionally leaving empty stacks.
  • Fixed many instances where r-clicking (for weapons) was being intercepted by UI elements.
  • Fixed "expand" button for warp transition window.
  • Fixed significant issue with component types. The game has a technical maximum of 255 mounts & components of a type per object/vessel. Added some checks and warnings in to make sure that doesn't get surpassed.
  • Fixed an issue where larger AI ships were sometimes getting stuck. They should attempt to maneuver in more directions now.
  • Fixed "hide paint" toggle not working with animated colors.
  • Fixed an issue where some clicks were going through portions of the building UI.
  • Fixed an inventory bug related to "Not Enough Materials" when manufacturing.
  • Fixed a bug and tweaked AI turning rates. Larger ships should turn noticeable slower now.
  • Fixed a bug relating to /sv_gamemode that was causing a feedback loop and potentially spamming the network causing performance hits.
  • Fixed AI targeting so now they will attempt to finish you off when you have no weapons or engines.
  • Reduced amount of redundant network messages. This should increase performance in most situations.

  • Recipe popup in manufacturing is always now shown.
  • SIRegionServer now has an icon.
  • Chat commands are now logged to the game log.
  • You now point in the relative direction from region center when exiting a star system. No more "point up" default.
  • Counter-clockwise rotation is now default SHIFT-R
  • Loading screen should now last until player is spawned and ready to play.

  • Tractor beams
  • Possibility of more weapons
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How can we rotate blocks in build mode?
rexspaceman  [developer] May 5 @ 9:39am 
Originally posted by Crumbler:
How can we rotate blocks in build mode?

Blocks can't be rotated in build mode. They will snap to the grid which is aligned to the object.

You can rotate mounts: engines and weapons. To rotate them, once placed, highlight the mount and press "R" or "SHIFT R" to rotate. Directional arrows will also cause the mounts to snap to that rotation (up, down, left, right).
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Not sure if levels aren't implented yet, but every ship or something I see is level 10 why is this?
Stuffie May 8 @ 6:27am 
The levels system hasn't been fully implemented as of ALPHA 6. Currently Star System/Region/Ship levels are always 10 by default and they don't affect much. Almost all ships/regions/loot etc. have a chance to spawn and are identical regardless of the level they show.
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