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Modran 18 ноември 2012 в 1:57след.
Am I the only one who`s thinking this?
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POWER CRAB 31 декември 2012 в 5:12след. 
Multiplayer would be great, maybe it's a planned feature for Eufloria HD?
Последно редактиран от POWER CRAB; 31 декември 2012 в 5:12след.
Modran 6 януари 2013 в 5:37след. 
I really hope it is, i would definitely play it.
Sillytuna  [разработчик] 30 януари 2013 в 7:33сут. 
HD won't but if we do a sequel then multiplayer/map editor would be the plan.
kosusus 8 февруари 2013 в 4:46след. 
Always thinking about that! And waiting for the sequel title of Eufloria too.
Luke.- 2 март 2013 в 3:52след. 
Yes, Im thinking about that too, at least while playing. It would be great!
Lucas Kane 28 април 2013 в 2:57след. 
Multiplayer and a mapeditor... for making random singleplayer maps like the Civgames / 4x spacegames would be awesome.
[SMSTM]Chrome146 23 май 2013 в 12:18сут. 
Krzysiu Jarzyna 23 май 2013 в 5:40сут. 
Great idea.
Manners 24 май 2013 в 7:03сут. 
That would be heavy, if you guys could create this sequel I'm sure you would be swimming in paper. ;)
rudolfkremers  [разработчик] 25 юни 2013 в 5:09сут. 
We are investigating this. Eufloria is surprisingly hard to do MP for in technical terms. :-)
Slevin Kelevra 27 юни 2013 в 12:05сут. 
Leopold von Augsburg 27 юни 2013 в 12:20след. 
Fantastic game! Multiplayer will be great! And cards too! There are no limits to perfection! =)
Kvusha 1 декември 2013 в 8:42след. 
MP would make this game immortal
I continue to believe
Modran 2 декември 2013 в 12:44след. 
Първоначално публикувано от rudolfkremers:
We are investigating this. Eufloria is surprisingly hard to do MP for in technical terms. :-)

How come? In laymans terms - if its possible :)
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